Retired Employee

S. No. Title
1 List of separated employees who have not submitted the EDCPS form
2 Retired employees of AAI, who are provisionally eligible for AAI Employees Defined Contribution scheme (EDCPS)
3 Implementation of Employee Defined Contribution Scheme (SBS) in AAI
4 CHRM Circular no 37/2019 : Revised AAI Medical Policy - reg
5 Facility Of Retiring Room at airport and Guest house at AAI Residential Colony to Retired Employees and his / her spouse
6 CHRM Circular No. 20/2019 : Forms regarding revised AAI Medical Policy
7 CHRM Circular No. 16/2019 : Revised AAI Medical Policy - Non Executive
8 CHRM Circular No. 10/2019 : Revised AAI Medical Policy
9 Last date for receipt of representations for discrepancies in PRP/PLP 2010-11 to 2015-16
10 Empanelment of retired officers as Inquiry officer for conducting Departmental Enquiry
11 Hiring of Retired CNS Personnel in CNS Directorate
12 Revised Employees Benevolent Scheme - Information Regarding
13 Empanelled list of hospitals of CHQ, NR
15 Control Room Duty Roaster July 2015
16 Simplification of Procedure - Reimbursement of Chronic Diseases Medicines
17 Simplification of procedure for IPD treatment in AAI empanelled hospitals / nursing homes to AAI Employees [Serving and Retired]
18 Procurement of Hearing/CPAP/BIPAP machines etc. to the Employees [Serving/REtired] of AAI
19 Hospital Panel List
20 Domicile Medical Treatment in respect of Chronic Diseases
21 Depanelment of Path Labs/ Diagnostics Centres
22 Cost of Implants [Stents/ Knee Replacement/ Pacemakers/ Eye Lenses/ CPAP/ BIOP/ Hearing Aids etc.]
23 Submission of PAN No. for Ex-Employees
24 Submission of PAN No. for Ex-Employees
25 HRM Circular No. 23/2014 : Revision in annual ceiling on OPD/ Domicile treatment for retired employees