AAI has drawn plans to upgrade ATM infrastructure in the country both in terms of conditional provision of automation systems and upgradation of technology which also involves shifting from ground based navigation to satellite based navigation.

Modernization of Air Traffic Services

  1. At Mumbai and Delhi

    Upgradation of automation systems to (Auto Track-Ill) with new Air Traffic Controller assistance features such as Arrival Manager, Departure Manager, is almost complete and is at various levels of testing prior to declaring operational.

    Advanced Surface Movement Ground Control Systems (ASMGCS) added to improve efficient handling of Aerodrome Traffic.

    Automatic dependent surveillance I CPDLC has enhanced the surveillance of suitably equipped aircraft over the entire Flight Information Region.
  2. At Hyderabad and Bangalore

    Advanced integrated automation systems, that integrates state of the art Radars, flight data processors, air situation display Advanced Surface Movement Ground Radars, have been installed by SELEX Integreti for providing effective Air Traffic Management.
  3. At Chennai / Kolkata

    ATS modernization project is underway for replacing old Radars, surveillance systems by the latest state of the art technology one par with Mumbai I Delhi to provide a common platform for integration of the entire systems over Indian Airspace, which will effectively increase Air Traffic capacity and bring synergy in ATS operations.
  4. At Other Area Control Centres (Nagpur/ Varanasi/ Ahmedabad/ Trivandrum/ Mangalore)

    Integration of Radar with flight data processors has been completed by ECIL in collaboration with AAI for providing indigenous automation solutions for effective Air Traffic Management within the designated airspace.
  5. Initiatives to Enhance the Standards of AT

    Performance Based Navigation: (PBN), Standard· Instrument Departures (SIDs) and STARs (Standard Terminal Arrival Routes) have been introduced at Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Chennai order to reduce delays to aircraft.

    Established a number of ATS Connector routes in Mumbai and Chennai airspace to facilitate PBN operations.

AAI has drawn the concept of future India Air Navigation (FIAN), and is on the threshold of introducing Air Traffic Flow Management over busy routes, dedicated helicopter routes, providing automation systems at 35 non metro control towers, and the use of space based augmentation system (GAGAN).