This Charter is a declaration of our mission, values, standards and our commitment as made in the Quality Policy for creation of an honest and corruption free environment conductive for high-level performance by Authority personnel.


Our Commitment


  1. Prevent occurrence of corruption and malpractices for streamlining the functioning in the organisation
  2. Promote and cultivate culture of honesty and an ethical environment to ensure integrity at all levels to bring quality and excellence at work place
  3. Carry out investigations in a transparent, impartial and objective manner based on facts
  4. Assist in promptly disciplining the defaulters from vigilance angle; and
  5. Continually improve Quality Management System to facilitate accomplishing Corporate Mission and Vision.  

Our Expectations

Responsible co-operation from stakeholder, individuals/ organizations and AAI personnel in combating corruption is welcome. Identity of informer/ complainant shall be kept secret. As per the guidelines in vogue anonymous/ pseudonymous complaints are generally not entertained, therefore the informers/ complainants are requested to give their full details including address etc. The text of the information/ complaint should be carefully drafted so as not to give any details or clue as to his/her identity. However, the details of the complaint should be specific and verifiable.

Vigilance takes up investigation of following types of allegations/ complaints:

  1. Demanding and/or accepting gratification other than legal remuneration in respect of an official act or for using her / his influence with any other official;
  2. Obtaining valuable thing(s), without consideration or with inadequate consideration from a person with whom she/ he has or likely to have official dealings or her/ his subordinates have official dealings or where she/ he can exert influence;
  3. Obtaining for herself/ himself or for any other person any valuable thing(s) or pecuniary advantage(s) by corrupt or illegal means or by abusing her/ his position as a public servant;
  4. Possession of assets disproportionate to her/ his known sources of income; and
  5. Cases of misappropriation, forgery or cheating or other similar criminal offences.

Our Standards

Vigilance Department of AAI plays an active and positive role in ensuring that the true spirit of vigilance, which is eternal alertness, is appreciated right through the organization. Department of Vigilance constantly endeavors to take swift and effective actions on all complaints against any employee of AAI. Our various service standards are:

Acknowledging complaints/ information from stakeholders/ personnel. Within five days of receipt.
Conducting investigation and submission of report. Within three months of receipt of complaint.
Issuance of Charge sheet (if required). Within two months after submission of investigation Report.
Issuance of final order in case of minor penalties. Within two months from receipt of reply by the Charge Officer.
Departmental Inquiry and submission of report (major penalties). Within six months from< appointment of IO/ PO.
Issuance of final order in case of Departmental Inquiry (major penalties). Within three months from date of receipt of IO’s report.
Vigilance clearance for

  1. Promotion
  2. Passport
  3. Visit abroad
  4. Resignation
  5. Superannuation
From the date of receipt within period of,

  1. 2 Weeks
  2. 4 days
  3. 4 days
  4. 4 days
  5. 4 days

Complaints / Grievances and how to contact?

Vigilance Department headed by Chief Vigilance Officer, is situated in Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi-11003. Representatives of Vigilance Departments are posted 

in headquarters of all Regions viz. Northern Region at Delhi, Eastern Region at Kolkata, Western Region at Mumbai, Southern Region at Chennai, North-Eastern Region at Guwahati.

We promptly acknowledge the complaints and within 90 working days of receipt of complaint take final view on the allegations/ information.


We can be contacted at:


Sh. Amal Garg, IRS,

Chief Vigilance Officer,

Airports Authority of India,

Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan,

Safdarjung Airport,

New Delhi-110003.

Phone: 011-24651094

Fax: 011-24611069

Email: cvoaaiataai [dot] aero


Sh. Anurag Sharma

General Manager (Vig.)

Airports Authority of India

Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan,

Safdarjung Airport,

New Delhi-110003.

Phone: 011-24627645

Fax: 011-24627645

Email: gmvigataai [dot] aero

Aggrieved individuals can also report to the following:

S.No. Name Station Phone Office E-mail
1 Sh. K. Devadas, DCVO(I) Corporate Headquarters 011-24653890 dcvoiataai [dot] aero
2 Sh. Y.P.Mahajan, DCVO (T) Corporate Headquarters 011-24610547 dcvotataai [dot] aero
3 Smt. Amita Verma, Jt. GM(Vig.) Regional Headquarters, Northern Region, Delhi 011-25653645 Vigilance_nrataai [dot] aero

Sh.  Vikramkumar Shivrambhai Thakkar


Regional Headquarters, Western Region, Mumbai


vthakkarataai [dot] aero

Sh. Saikat Dey,


Regional Headquarters, Eastern Region, Kolkata 033-25110011 vig_erataai [dot] aero

Sh. Banibrata Bakshi,


Regional Headquarters, North Eastern Region, Guwahati 0361-2842838 banibrataataai [dot] aero

Sh. V. Krishnakumar

Jt. GM(Vig.)

Regional Headquarters, Southern Region, Chennai

044-22561163 jgm-vig-srataai [dot] aero

Other Important Contacts:

Email Phone Fax
Chairman, AAI chairmanataai [dot] aero 011-24632930 011-2461088
Central Vigilance Commission vigilanceatnic [dot] in 011-24651001-8 011-24651010