We pledge to bring continuous improvements in air cargo handling and services through up gradation of infrastructure, simplification of system & procedure, mechanization of cargo handling, transaction through Electronic Commerce / Electronic Data Interchange(EC/EDI) and prompt redressal of grievances.

    Airports Authority of India (AAI) endeavor to offer the best possible services to all its customers at the Air Cargo Terminals, to ensure secured and speedy movement of cargo in coordination with Airlines, various agencies and trade bodes with an ultimate aim to bring overall improvements in the air cargo handling to the satisfaction of its customers.
    1. Indian National & International passengers
    2. International and Domestic Airlines,
    3. Air Cargo Agents, Exporters/ Importers and
    4. Various Regulatory and Facilitating Agencies.
  4. Role of AAI as a Custodian, Terminal Management & Ground Handling Agent on behalf of Airlines

    Airports Authority of India establish, manage & develop cargo terminals at the airports under the provision of AAI Act, 1994 and Airports Authority of India (Storage and processing of Cargo, Courier and Express Goods and Postal Mail) Regulations 2003.
  5. AAI provides 3-tier services –
    1. Custodian of Import cargo appointed u/s 45 of Customs Act 1962.
    2. Ground Handling Agent (through SGHA appointed by AAI) on behalf of the Airlines in accordance with the Govt. of India Gazette notification No.4272/GI/2007 Dated 18th October 2007.
    3. Facilitator

Citizen Charter

Service Standards(Import operation)

S.No Service/ Transaction Success indicators Service Standard Unit Achievement
1 Preparation of location slip cum Bank Challan Time taken to scrutinise and issue the document Online by users 30 (at AAI Counter) N/A Minute 99.90%
2 Tendering of cargo for

examination by

Time taken to bring cargo for examination in examination area 1 Hour 100.00%
3 Preparation of Bank Challan for collection of AAI Charges Time taken to scrutinize the docs and issue bank challan 30 Minute 99.90%
4 Preparation of Gate Pass Time taken to print gate pass 30 Minute 99.90%
5 Physical delivery of import cargo against

Gate pass
Time taken to deliver cargo at truck dock area 24 Hour 99.90%

Citizen Charter Service Standards (Export operation)

s.No Service/ Transaction Success indicators Service Standard Unit Achievement
1 Preparation of TSP Charges for collection of AAI charges Time taken to issue the TSP charges receipt after feeding requisite details in computer & payment of AAI Charges Online by users N/A 100.00%
2 Acceptance & off loading of export cargo in “Ready for Carriage” condition from vehicles & shifting to the examination are Time taken to off-load the export cargo from the client's vehicles and shifting it to examination area. o1 to 1.5 (depending on size of cargo) Hour 100.00%

Citizen Charter

Performance parameters(for Airlines functions)


S.No Activity Time Achievement
1 Building of Main deck Pallet 01 Hour 100.00%
2 Building of Lower Deck Pallet 45 Minutes 100.00%
3 Building of container 30 Minutes 100.00%
Carrier should provide loading requirement to make ULD at least 6 Hours before the departure time of PAX flight and 12 hours before departure of cargo flight.


S.No Activity Time Achievement
S.No Activity Time Achievement
1 ULD up to 10 MT 04 Hour 97.00%
2 ULD up to 20 MT 08 Hours 100.00%
3 ULD Above 20 MT 12 Hours 100.00%


Care of Cargo : - As per Airports Authority of India (Storage and processing of Cargo, Courier and Express Goods and Postal Mail) Regulations 2003-

(1) The cargo shall be stored in the International Air Cargo Terminal or its allied structureunder the overall control and supervision of Customs authorities. While the Authority shall be the Custodian of the import cargo delivered to it by the Carriers, the responsibility for export cargo shall be that of the shipper or its agent before customs examination, of the Customs in respect of detained cargo during examination and of thecarriers after examination. The Authority may take over the care of Customs cleared cargo on behalf of the airlines, under bilateral agreement with the concerned airlines, when Customs cleared cargo is handed over to it, to provide a sterile and bonded area for security, safe custody and storage of such argo till its shipment by the airlines.

(2) The Authority shall take such care of the cargo or goods which come in its custody as a person of ordinary prudence shall under similar circumstances take in relation to his own

goods and in the absence of any contract to the contrary, the Authority shall not be responsible for loss or destruction or deterioration of cargo, courier or goods if care has been taken as aforesaid provided that the liability of the Authority for loss or destruction or deterioration of cargo or goods in any case shall not exceed liability as admissible under the contract of carriage as enshrined under the Airway Bill or to the extent of the liability of the Carrier.”