Check sheet for processing of cargo claim in case of damage/pilferage/theft;


Claim cases received from the consignee / Consignors by AAI is registered in the claim register kept in the Cargo Administration Section.

Following documents should be attached with the claim application by the applicant :- Copy of AWB / HAWB, Copy of invoice, Copy of packing list, Copy of segregation report where applicable, Copy of Bill of Entry, Joint Survey Report, Claim Bill, Weight of Loss / Damage of package of consignment along with documentary proof, Application of FIR. 

Verification of following information is done through the Computer System; IGM NO, FLT NO., FLT DATE., IWR NO., AWB NO. / AWB NO., NO. OF PC?s., WEIGHT, NATURE OF GOODS, LOCATION, REMARKS, STATUS.

iv) Status of the cargo, whether the same is received in good condition or damaged or short landed or in wet condition is obtained through the system or from the IGM Set/ Segregation Report. 

In the cargo is received in damaged condition then a letter to consignee to this effect is sent accordingly. 

In respect of cases, where the cargo is received in good condition and damage occurred when the cargo was in the custody of AAI a claim is lodged with our underwriters for taking further necessary action. However, facilitation is ensured by allowing for survey at AAI premises & witnessing thereof. 

In respect of cases, where prima facie case was adjudged, a provisional claims can be registered with the under writers of AAI. The claimant is requested for furnishing relevant documents for processing the case. 

In respect of cases where all the relevant documents were made available by the claimants. Formal claim is lodged with the underwriter of AAI. 

If the claim is settled by our underwriters then the message is passed on to the claimant and in turn they have to produce a letter stating that they have not preferred any claim from their underwriters. (letter of subrogation). 

The claim cases which is settled by the under writers by giving cheque to us is sent to the Accounts Department for releasing the amount to the claimant accordingly.

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