Airports Authority of India has taken the following steps to reduce delays:

  1. AAI had initiated measures for high speed exit taxiways at Delhi and Mumbai airports. A parallel taxi-track has been constructed at Delhi airport by which runway occupancy time has been reduced considerably.
  2. Mumbai and Delhi airports has been handed over to Joint Venture Companies for further development of ground infrastructure.
  3. Delhi International Airport Ltd. has already constructed third runway to accommodate more arrivals and departures at Delhi Airport.
  4. Simultaneous use of both runways at Delhi and Mumbai airport has started during the traffic congestion period.
  5. The beginning of runway 32 and 27 have been joined by constructing a new taxi-track and beginning of runway 27 is joined from international apron to reduce runway occupancy time.
  6. AAI has already taken up the project for upgradation of 35 non-metro airports enable in handling the increased air traffic at those airports.
  7. Improved ATC procedures have been designed.
  8. Clearance Delivery Position has been established at Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad International airports to reduce R/T congestion.
  9. Ban on general aviation aircraft during peak period at Mumbai Airport has been imposed.
  10. ATC Automation System at Delhi and Mumbai have been upgraded.
  11. Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System [ASMGCS] along with Surface Movement Radar has been installed and in operation at Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad Airports.
  12. Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System [ASMGCS] is under process for Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata airport.
  13. Air Traffic Flow Management System is under consideration.
  14. Kolkata ILS has been upgraded to CAT II ILS to cater to operation with lower visibility.
  15. New Integrated Automation System for Chennai and Kolkata is being planned.
  16. At the time of slot allocation schedule arrival and departure time are spread in such a manner that bunching should not take place resulting into delays.
  17. The number of hourly movements of flights are freezed at Mumbai and Delhi airport as per with availability runway / terminal building capacity.
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