following information is promulgated by Notam:

  1. Establishment, withdrawal and significant changes in operation of aeronautical services;
  2. Establishment, closure or significant changes in operation of aerodrome(s) or runways;
  3. Establishment or withdrawal of electronic and other aids to air navigation and aerodromes;
  4. Establishment, withdrawal or significant changes made to visual aids;
  5. Interruption of or return to operation of major components of aerodrome lighting systems;
  6. Establishment, withdrawal or significant changes made to procedures for air navigation services;
  7. Occurrence or correction of major defects or impediments in the maneuvering area;
  8. Changes to and limitations on availability of fuel, oil and oxygen;
  9. Major changes to search and rescue facilities and services available;
  10. Establishment, withdrawal or return to operation of hazard beacons marking significant obstacles to air navigation;
  11. Changes in regulations requiring immediate action;
  12. Presence of hazards which affect air navigation (including obstacles, military exercises, displays, races, major parachuting events outside promulgated sites);
  13. Erecting, removal of or changes to significant obstacles to air navigation in the take-off/climb, missed approach, approach areas and runway strip;
  14. Establishment or discontinuance (including activation or deactivation) as applicable, or changes in the status of prohibited, restricted or danger areas;
  15. Establishment or discontinuance of areas or routes or portions thereof where the possibility of interception exists and where the maintenance of guard on the VHF emergency frequency 121.5 MHz is required;
  16. changes in hazardous conditions due to snow, slush, ice or water on the movement area;
  17. Outbreaks of epidemics necessitating changes in notified requirements for inoculations and quarantine measures;
  18. Forecasts of solar cosmic radiation, where provided;
  19. Occurrence of pre- eruption volcanic activity, the location, date and time of volcanic eruptions and the existence, density and extent of volcanic ash cloud, including direction of movement, flight levels and routes or portions of routes which could affected;
  20. �Release into the atmosphere of radioactive materials or toxic chemicals following a nuclear or chemical incident, the location, date and time of the incident, the flight levels and routes or portions thereof which could be affected and the direction of movement.
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