The Engineering Directorate is responsible for construction and maintenance of 87 Civil Airports and 28 Civil Enclaves in the country. The functions of Engg Directorate are: 

  1. Main task of Engineering Directorate is to plan design and implement development works with the sole purpose of providing maximum passenger comfort and conveniences. Engineering Wing has been successful in implementing airport projects of big magnitude which include construction of new airport capable of handling jet/wide bodied aircraft. Engineering also maintains airport facilities at all airport.
  2. Design and execution of airfield pavement i.e Runways. Aprons, Taxi track shoulders etc. Complying with international Civil Aviation organization requirements.
  3. Contract management, Project Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring.
  4. Maintenance of Operational Runways, apron and Taxi-track.
  5. Designing of various airports services.
  6. Maintenance and upkeep of Passengers Terminal, Car-parking and associated road network within AAI?s land.
  7. Plan, provide, operate and maintain E&M services at Airport such as Aero-bridges, Escalators, Elevators, Baggage Conveyors, Air conditioning systems etc.
  8. Plan, provide, operate and maintain aeronautical ground lighting sysem including Apron Flood Lighting system.
  9. Creating Power Supply infrastructure to feed all Airport installation including Communication & Navigational Aids.
  10. Plan, Provide Operate and maintain Solar Power Obstruction Lighting System.
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