Generally qualifying requirements of contractor /firms for participating in AAI?s tenders other than specialized works are as under :-

    1. Should be registered in appropriate class of CPWD/MES/P&T/Sate PWD/PSU's/Railways or Specialized agencies in the similar nature of work and having Permanent Account Number (PAN)
    2. Should have satisfactorily completed (Phase/Part completion of the scope of work in a contract shall not be considered) at least three works, each of 40% of estimated cost put up to tender or two works each of 50% of estimated cost put up to tender or one work of�80% of estimated cost put up to tender of similar nature of work. (Nature of similar job shall be defined as per work requirement) during the last seven years ending last day of the month previous.
    3. Client certificate for experience should show the nature of work done, the value of work done , date of start, date of completion as per agreement, actual date of completion and satisfactory completion of work. Firms showing work experience certificate from Non Government / Non PSU organizations should submit copies of 'Tax Deduction at Source certificate' in support of their claim for having experience of stipulated value of works.
    4. Should have annualized average financial turnover of 30% of estimated cost put up to tender during the last three years ending 31st March, of previous financial year. As a proof, copy of abridged Balance Sheet along with Profit & loss account of the firm should be submitted along with the application. 
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