Subsequent to the issue of the final RFP documents, management presentations were made to PQBs and site visits were organized for them. Also replies were furnished to the due diligence questions of the PQBs and PQBs were allowed to carry out technical inspection of airports. Besides these, management interviews were held between the AAI management and the PQBs and review meetings of PQBs conducted with the Government Transaction Team (GTT). Also as part of the process, the PQBs were allowed to change the members of the consortia by furnishing the requisite information within a stipulated date.

Further, proposals were received from the bidders on the changes sought by them in the draft Transaction Documents. These changes were discussed with the consultants and after the Inter-Ministerial consultations on the changes sought by the bidders; approval of the EGOM was obtained in its meetings held on 14th June and 22nd June 2005 for the Transaction Documents. Final Transaction Documents were frozen and issued to the PQBs on 30th August 2005. 


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