The technical and financial bids submitted by the bidders were segregated by the authorized officials of AAI in the presence of representatives of bidders on 14th September 2005 and the same were separately sealed and besides the signatures of the authorized officials of AAI, the signatures of the representatives of the bidders were also obtained on the sealed covers/boxes. 

Subsequently, a meeting of the Inter-Ministerial Group Meeting was held on 19th September 2005 wherein it was decided that the evaluation should be undertaken by a composite team of Financial Consultant (ABN-AMRO), Global Technical Advisor (Airplan Pty. Australia) and Legal Consultant (Amarchand & Mangaldas) ensuring independent analysis, transparency, consistency, non-discrimination and equity. Further, it was decided by the IMG that since the Transaction Documents and RFP documents are frozen, no such view should be taken by the Consultants, which could be viewed as change in the provisions of the final Transaction Documents including RFP. In addition, it was stated by IMG on the approach to evaluation process of technical criteria presented by FC, that the same should not be conflict with the RFP documents. Further, the IMG decided that considering the complexity and voluminous data, a separate Government Group (GRC) be constituted to conduct an independent review of the evaluation undertaken by the consultants including the approach to the evaluation adopted by the consultants.

The technical bids kept under sealed covers were opened on 22nd September 2005 by the authorized officials of AAI in the presence of the representatives of bidders. Thereafter these technical bids were handed over to the consultants for evaluation. The consultants undertook the evaluation and submitted their reports on 22nd November 2005. 

The evaluation report of the consultants was considered by the GRC in its meetings held on 23rd and 24th November 2005. The GRC submitted its report to the MCA for further action. The report of the consultants and the report of the GRC were placed before the IMG. The IMG considered the report of the consultants and GRC in its meeting held on 2nd December 2005 and the findings of the IMG were considered by the EGOM in its meeting held on 5thDecember 2005 and subsequent to the same, the IMG held series of meetings on 6th, 8th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 16th December 2005.

Subsequently, Ministry of Civil Aviation vide their letter dated 30th January 2006 directed AAI to open the financial bids of the under-mentioned bidders:

For Mumbai Airport

  • GMR Consortium
  • Reliance Consortium
  • GVK Consortium
  • D.S. Construction Consortium
For Delhi Airport

  • GMR Consortium
  • Reliance Consortium
  • D.S. Construction Consortium
  • Macquarie Consortium

Accordingly, Chairman AAI, vide order dated 30th January 2006, constituted a committee comprising of officials from AAI and Ministry of Civil Aviation. The report of the committee was required to be sent to MCA. Further to the above, the MCA vide letter dated 31st January 2006 communicated the procedure to be adopted for opening of financial bids and also the information to be given to the representatives of the bidders before opening of the financial bids. 

Accordingly, the sealed envelopes containing the financial bids of the aforesaid bidders were opened by the committee constituted by Chairman, AAI on 31st January 2006 in the presence of the representatives of the bidder and the report of the committee was forwarded to the MCA for further necessary action. 

The MCA vide their letter dated 4th February 2006 communicated the decision of the competent authority regarding the selection of GMR Consortium as the successful bidder for Delhi airport and GVK Consortium as the successful bidder for Mumbai airport. The successful bidders were informed by AAI accordingly vide its letter dated 4th February 2006.

Both the successful bidders, as per the RFP requirement, enhanced the value of bid bond from Rs. 50 crores to Rs. 500 crores each and also furnished bank guarantees to this effect.

AAI initiated other actions for finalizing the transaction including the formation of two separate companies for Delhi and Mumbai airports. Delhi International Airport Pvt. Limited (DIAL) and Mumbai International Airport Pvt. Limited (MIAL) were formed and Delhi and Mumbai airports were handed over to these companies respectively on 3rd May 2006. 


31. If the private airport operators are unable to fulfill the obligations, what steps Government can take against them? 

Non fulfillment of any obligations under the agreed terms for the construction, maintenance (including performance standards) and expansion of airports will be default(s) by the project companies and penalty/termination provisions are included in the concession agreements followed by transfer of airports to AAI/Government of India. 
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