DIAL and MIAL are required to achieve, within two years from the Effective Date, and thereafter maintain throughout the Term ISO9001: 2000 certification (or appropriate substitute certification in the event of ISO 9001:2000 certification being discontinued) for all facilities relating to Aeronautical Services of the Airport. Further, DIAL and MIAL shall, commencing from the first anniversary of Effective Date, and hereafter every quarter, participate in the IATA/ACI AETRA passenger survey and achieves a rating of 3.75 in the IATA/ACI AETRA passenger survey or greater and maintains the same throughout the Term.

Like-wise, both BIAL and GHIAL shall participate in IATA surveys and shall ensure that a survey is conducted each year in accordance with IATA's requirements to determine the Airports? performance and achieve service standards not lower than IATA rating of 3.5 (in the TATA scale of 1 to 5). The first such survey shall be conducted during the third (3rd) year after Airport Opening. 


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