GAGAN is extremely useful for vehicle navigation, as it increases accuracy from 10-12 meters with GPS alone, to 1-2 meters horizontal. This increase in accuracy can mean knowing which side of the highway a vehicle is on, lane determination, specific vehicle location, or where an exit is early enough so that you can make the turn before the exit is passed. Because of this, In USA WAAS is becoming more and more popular for use in vehicles. In fact, public safety departments including police, fire, rescue, and state transportation authorities are already using WAAS. CALTRANS has incorporated WAAS into the receivers used to layout construction and improvements of highways. Also, a number of vehicular navigation services are investigating WAAS for the future. OnStar will be incorporating WAAS into 2008 model year GM vehicles. OnStar provides notification of vehicle location to a given GPS location within 15 seconds of airbag deployment. The addition of WAAS provides greater accuracy in the location determination and contributes to this life saving benefit. It has provided vehicle tracking for stolen as well as carjacked vehicles and led to the recovery of infants in cars that have been carjacked. Also, DaimlerChrysler has tested WAAS as a part of an intelligent transportation system in development, and found it to be the best option to provide the accuracy needed for their utilization.

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