E.g., 21/10/2020
E.g., 21/10/2020
Name Date of Issue Description
Providing Environmental Support Services (up-keeping) to the Office Complex at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, SAP, New Delhi 01-06-2020 (Tender ID No. 2020_AAI_48738_1)
Renewal of Tally ERP 9 Gold unlimited multi use edition license for period of three years 24-10-2019
Notice Inviting Tender-111 18-07-2016 Re-carpenting and widening of runway at shimla airport.
Notice Inviting Tender-110 01-01-2016 Extension of parrallel taxi track "P" and construction of link taxy ways to connect runway 14/32 and construction of isolation parking bay at Trivandrum Airport, Thiruvanthapuram.
Notice Inviting Tender-113 01-01-2016 SITC of flight information Display System at 7 Airports.
Notice Inviting Tender-114 01-01-2016 Online Reverse Auction
Notice Inviting Tender-116 01-01-2016 Re-surfacing of runway and Taxiway at C.A. Jabalpur Airport, Jabalpur.
Notice Inviting Tender-117 01-01-2016 ARMO E&M Installations at R.G Bhawan, New Delhi.
Notice Inviting Tender-121 01-01-2016 Main terminal building, ancillary structures like ATC cum technical block, fire station, CCR Hall, DVOR, DNB, RCC, Underground Water Tank, Pump House etc.
Notice Inviting Tender-123 01-01-2016 Provision of passive cabling works at indian aviation academy(IAA), Vasantkung, New Delhi.
Notice Inviting Tender-106 01-01-2016 Extension of Airside Arrival Corridor with rotunda for 4th aerobridge at NIBT Trivandrum Airport, Thiruvanathapuram.
Notice Inviting Tender-107 01-01-2016 Construction of 3rd lane in the exit road of Northern access road at IGI Airport, New Delhi
Notice Inviting Tender-109 01-01-2016 Development of jharsuguda Airport for A-320 Operations. Construction of Boundary wall around newly acquired land.
Notice Inviting Tender-35 01-01-2015 Consultant for Integrated Development & Conservation of Ganga River Bank at Varanasi.
Notice Inviting Tender-03 01-01-2015 Engagement of Head-Airport Marketing and Head - Commercial.
Notice Inviting Tender-01 01-01-2015 Supply of Explosive Vapour Detector - 18 Numbers
Notice Inviting Tender-38 01-01-2015 Empanelment of project management consultants for airports works. 
Notice Inviting Tender-37 01-01-2015 Resurfacing of runway and taxiway at C.A. Indore.
Notice Inviting Tender-36 01-01-2015 E-procurment - online reverse auction
Notice Inviting Tender-34 01-01-2015 Development of enterprise web portal and mobile apps for AAI.
Notice Inviting Tender-33 01-01-2015 EOI for empanelment of arbitrator for commercial contracts.
Notice Inviting Tender-32 01-01-2015 Customer satisfaction survey at 53 airports for the period 2015-2017.
Notice Inviting Tender-31 01-01-2015 Development of Jharsuguda Airport for A-320 operations.
Notice Inviting Tender-30 01-01-2015 Supply of 13 Nos. BDDS and dog squad vehicles for various airports in india.
Notice Inviting Tender-28 01-01-2015 SITC of SCCTV Systems at 7 Airports
Notice Inviting Tender-27 01-01-2015 Online Reverse Auction
Notice Inviting Tender-26 01-01-2015 Development of enterprise web portal and mobile apps for AAI
Notice Inviting Tender-25 01-01-2015 Customer satisfaction survey at 53 Airports for the period 2015-2017.
Notice Inviting Tender-24 01-01-2015 Development and operationalization of Teju Airport in Lohit Distt. of arunachal Pradesh 
Notice Inviting Tender-23 01-01-2015 Empanelment of consultants for preparation of techno economic feasibility report for development of greenfield/brownfield airports.
Notice Inviting Tender-22 01-01-2015 Extension of last date of receipt of online application for recruitment in 28 categories of posts under Advt. No. 02/2015
Notice Inviting Tender-21 01-01-2015 Construction of terminal building, ceremonial lounge and associated works at vijaywada Airport-Design & Build
Notice Inviting Tender-20 01-01-2015 Extension of airside arrival corridor with rotunda for 4th Aerobridge at NITB Trivandrum Airport, Thiruvanathapuram 
Notice Inviting Tender-19 01-01-2015 Development of Airport at Ajmer(Kisangarh) in Rajsthan.
Notice Inviting Tender-18 01-01-2015 Construction of Indian Aviation Academy and hostel Block at vasant kunj, New Delhi
Notice Inviting Tender-16 01-01-2015 SITC of surveillance CCTV Systems in dedicated network and flight information display system (FIDS) & IP EPABX with phone, in another common IP Network; with three years onsite warrantee and three years comprehensive AMC with spares after warantee period, at vadodara airport.
Notice Inviting Tender-15 01-01-2015 Duty Free Shops at 13 Airports
Notice Inviting Tender-14 01-01-2015 Resurfacing of runway 05/23 & Taxiways at S.V.P.I Airport Ahmedabad
Notice Inviting Tender-10 01-01-2015 Renovation and upgradation of HCI properties (Phase-2), at Delhi
Notice Inviting Tender-09 01-01-2015 Re-carpenting of existing runway at silchar airport
Notice Inviting Tender-08 01-01-2015 Empanelment of Project Management Consultants for Airport works.
Notice Inviting Tender-02 01-01-2015 Supply of explosive Vapour Detector