सामान्य प्रश्न

How early I arrive at the Airport before my flight?

Please arrive 90 minutes prior to departure of your domestic flights and 3 hours prior to departure for your international flights.

Is there any child care Room facility available at airport?

For the privacy of mothers who wish to nurse their infants, a well-equipped Child Care Room is available at Security Hold Area.

Can I carry medicines on board?

You are required to carry a doctor’s prescription for medicines that are to be carried on board. Passengers are advised to get in touch with their respective airlines regarding the same for further clarification.

Who do I contact if I have lost something at the Airport?

All the unclaimed property found in the terminal & its vicinity is deposited in the Office of Airport Terminal Manager. Please click https://www.aai.aero/en/airports/lost-found/udaipur/item-list for further assistance.

Is wi-fi facility available at Airport?

The airport is Wi-Fi enabled. A valid mobile number (Indian or International) with working cellular connection is required to access the internet via Wi-Fi.

What are details of car parking in the Airport?

Click https://www.aai.aero/en/airports/passenger-info/udaipur/Park-&-Fly  to check all details pertaining to parking at the airport.

What is baggage size and weight allowed to be carried out in a flight?

Each airline has a definitive guideline with regards to baggage. Kindly contact your airline for all questions related to carry on and or check in baggage.

Does the Airport have the any medical facility?

In the event of a medical emergency, well trained doctors and paramedics are available at MI Room for first aid treatment.

What if my baggage does not arrive at the final destination?

Kindly contact the airline you have flown and register a complaint with them.

What options do I have when my flight is cancelled?

All Airlines provide options to their passengers on what they can do if their flight is cancelled as per Individual airline policies varying from rebooking, refunding or providing alternate modes of transport. Passengers can avail these solutions as considered best from their respective airlines.