Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport, named after Guru Ram Das Ji, the fourth Sikh Guru and the founder of Amritsar city, is about 11 kilometres from the centre of city. It is located on the Amritsar-Ajnala Road, near the village of Raja Sansi. Besides Punjab, the airport serves neighboring states, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. Amritsar Airport is a gateway not only to the Golden Temple but also to Lahore (Pakistan) through Attari- Wagah border.

The existing high rise glass structured integrated terminal building of Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport, Amritsar was commissioned on 25th February 2009, which was part of the modernization program driven by Airports Authority of India in order to creation of international standard passenger amenities.

The area of the airport is approximately 40175 sqm. (includes 9000 sqm. UNDER DEVELOPMENT) which is equipped with all modern facilities. The annual passenger capacity is 4 million.

1. Aeronautical facilities –

Runway, Taxiway and Apron: The length of the runway is 3658 meters, width is 45 meters and orientation 16/34. At present three taxiways and 14 + 1(Cargo) parking stands are available to accommodate upto B744/A346 (Code-E) aircrafts. At present, Amritsar airport is equipped with the facility of CAT III-B operation to allow aircrafts operation in low visibility condition up to 50 meters. Amritsar Airport equipped with 04 Rosenbaurs (ACFT) and 04 Ambulance to maintain the Category- 8 for Fire services.

2. Passengers facilities-

The capacity of Terminal Building of SGRDJ International Airport, Amritsar during peak hours is 1,200 passengers. At present facilities available prior to boarding to aircraft are

  • High-tech LED based Flight Information Display System (FIDS)
  • 30 nos. of Common User Terminal Equipment (CUTE) check-in counters
  • 6 nos. of self service kiosk for boarding cards
  • CCTV for surveillance, 05 nos. of X-ray scanners for register baggage
  • Both Domestic and International SHA having 02 nos. of X-ray scanners for screening of hand baggage
  • 01 no. of X-ray scanners for random checking at departure main entry gate
  • 12 nos. of Immigration Counters for departure of international passengers and 16 nos. of Immigration Counters for arrival of international passengers
  • 01 no. of Customs Counters for departure of international passengers and 03 nos. of Customs Counters for arrival of  international passengers
  • Sanitary napkin vending machines are available in Ladies washrooms for their convenience.

3. Facilities for differently able persons

  • Ramps for smooth movements from both entry and exit (Arrival / Departure) gates.
  • Sensor Doors / Open able doors at main entry / exit gate  
  • Toilets especially design for handicapped and senior citizens with appropriate signage.
  • Elevator / lifts for first floor with facilities of braille  and audio system   
  • 04 numbers of Aero bridges 
  • Wheel chairs available with Airlines on demand 
  • Parking facilities is available in front of Arrival / Departure gates
  • Help-desk counter (Arrival/ Departure side)

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