Airports are sensitive area since it is concerned with the safety and security of passengers travelling not only in the countryside but across international borders as well. Hence the students interested in applying for any kind of training / internship at Chennai Airport needs to be referred by an employee of Airports Authority of India. This is a compulsory requirement for one to be eligible for training / internship at Chennai Airport considering the sensitivity of the place.
The documents required for the internship/training are (1)Application form duly filled up and signed by an AAI employee, who is referring the students. (2) Bonafide Certificate from the respective college in original. (3) Copy of the College ID card of the student.
Internship/training is allowed in AAI, that too depending on the requirement of the concerned dept. and nature of duties performed in the respective department. The final selection of students is done by the concerned department. After submission, the application gets processed within 10 days.

NOTE: This is applicable only to the students who are studying in and around Chennai city. The application forms are available at HR Department (3rd Floor), AAI, Administrative Building, Chennai Airport, Chennai 600 027. Contact Number: DGM (HR) 044 2256 0323