Inline baggage System

Inline Baggage system for Passenger Covenience

Bus Service

New shuttle service from both terminals to city and back for ease of mobility for passengers

Pre-Paid Taxi Counter

New Airport Prepaid Taxi Counter opened at Domestic Terminal.

May I Help You Counter

‘May I help you’ Counters at both the Terminal Buildings for passenger facilitation

Self Check-In Counter in International Terminal

New Self Check-in Counters in International Terminal Buildings reducing waiting time at check-in counters

Self Check -In Counter in Domestic terminal

New Self Check-in Counters in both the Terminal Buildings reducing waiting time at check-in counters.

LED Video Display

New LED video wall display in both terminals for increased passenger information

Retail Outlets

New retail outlets at both terminals increasing the passenger value for money for shopping facilities

Way Finding Signages

New way finding signage for ease of finding way in Airport premises.

Redesigned Custom Couners

Customs counters re-designed for speedy customs inspection and clearance

New Arrival Corridor

New Arrival Corridor for smooth passenger Flow

New Passenger boarding bridge

New Passenger boarding bridge for Smooth Passenger Flow

New E-Gates

Installation of new E-Gates at departure and arrival immigration area of Terminal-II, resulting in reduced passenger processing/waiting time and increase in passenger comfort.

New Immigration Counters

New Immigration counters provided at Terminal-II. 18 counters provided in departure area and 16 in arrival area thereby reducing waiting time at boarder clearance and quick processing.

Additional Check-In Counters with CUTE facility

Additional Check-in counters provided at Terminal-I with Common User Terminal Equipment (CUTE) facility for quick passenger processing and redesigning of counter display by providing LED FIDS screens and dynamic display

Global SIM Card Counter

First Floor International

Child care room

Child care room Available in departure and arrival area in both domestic and international terminals

Executive Lounge

Executive Lounges are available in both departure - SHA of both domestic and International  Terminal

Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange facility available in both Departure and Arrival area in International Terminal

Medical & First aid facilities

Medical & First aid facilities Available in both the terminals

Smokers lounge

Smokers lounge Available in International and Domestic Terminal SHA

Mobile charging Points available

Mobile charging Point Available in Departure Area in Both International and Domestic Terminals


Free Wi-Fi available for passengers for a period of 45 Minutes in both International and Domestic Terminals.


ATM Bank Name Landmark Terminal (International/Domestic) Area (Arrival/Depature/Common Area)
South Indian Wrapping Departure Check-in Area International Departure
Ebix Cash World Money Currency Exchange Departure Area International Departure
Ebix Cash World Money Currency Exchange Arrival Area International Arrival
State Bank of India Customs Hall International Arrival