E.g., 02/06/2020
S. No. Item Code Category Airport Description Date(Item Found On) Contact Details Operation
1 LF183570 Bag/Box Leh (Domestic) Brown bag of VIP company 10-03-2020 | Initiate Claim
2 LF184060 Bag/Box Leh (Domestic) Samsonite stroller of dark grey color. 13-02-2020 | Initiate Claim
3 LF184059 Cards/Documents Leh (Domestic) Debit Card of SBI bearing name DAL CHAND 08-02-2020 | Initiate Claim
4 LF184058 Bag/Box Leh (Domestic) Backpack bearing TYCOON containing pressure cooker and new clothers. 07-02-2020 | Initiate Claim
5 LF184057 Bag/Box Leh (Domestic) Bag having blanket of white sack (borey). 07-02-2020 | Initiate Claim