Tourist Place


Angling and river rafting are attractions at Bhalukpong. Tipi Orchidariurm nearby has over 2000 orchids varieties.

Distance From Airport : 56 Km


Mahabhairab Mandir

The temple was built for worshiping Lord Shiva by King Banasura. The Shiva linga of this temple is said to be made of 'Living Stone' which grows over slowly by the years.

Distance From Airport : 12 Km

Bura-Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary

Covering an area of 44.06, the sanctuary has a wide range of flora and fauna. Some of the wildlife present here includes tiger, wild buffalo, wild pig, one horned rhino and elephants.

Distance From Airport : 40 Km

Chitralekha Udyan

The scenic park is set in a stunning landscape with many hillocks and lakes adding beauty to the atmosphere. 

Distance From Airport : 10 Km

Bamuni Hills

The stone carvings depicted on the walls of Bamuni Hills are fine specimen of architectural brilliance of the ancient age.

Distance From Airport : 12 Km


Agnigarh, the big fortress on hilltop, was constructed to isolate King Bana’s daughter Usha, from Lord Krishna’s grandson Anirudha.

Distance From Airport : 10 Km