Tourist Place


There are over one hundred big and small tea gardens around Silchar which are some of the best scenic spots and extremely beautiful. Endowed with natural splendor, Silchat Town is surrounded by undulating hills with a rich soil and the most conducive atmosphere for the cultivation of tea. Ever since 1839, when the British allowed tea companies to rent land for the cultivation of tea, several more


Haflong is a hilly town surrounded by lots of natural beauties like fluent water streams, lush green hills and bounty waterfalls. 

Kancha Kanti Kali Temple

11 km from Silchar stands the historical and most celebrated temple of South Assam, i.e., the temple of Mother Goddess "Kachakanti". She is said to be amalgamation of two powerful Hindu deities: mother Durga and mother Kali. The original temple was built in 1806 AD by the Kachari King. Human sacrifices were offered to the Goddess till 1818 AD. The old temple is ruined now and has been replaced more

Iskcon Temple 

It is an important temple dedicated mainly to Lord Krishna. The temple is in Ambikapatty, Silchar. It was built and is being operated by the world famous Sanatan Dharmic spiritual organization ISKCON

Bhuban Temple

established by the great Dimasa warrior Veer Shambudhan Phonglo is the most celebrated temple of Lord Shiva in the entire South Assam. The Bhubaneshwar temple is about 50 km from Silchar and is on the top the Bhuvan hill. This is a place of pilgrimage and during the festival of Shivaratri, thousand of Shivayats march towards the hilltop to worship Lord Shiva. This temple by its geography more


20 km from Silchar stands the ruin of a great Dimasa kingdom, capital of historical time and importance. Khaspur was the capital of the Dimasa Kachari Kings and its construction was completed in 1690 AD. The main attractions are the Lion Gate, the Sun Gate and age-old kings temple. The original palace is non-existent, but its subsidiaries, the main entrance gate, the Suryadwar, Debalaya are more