The Name of Gwalior Airport is on Scindhia royal family.i.e. Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindhia Terminal Gwalior. This is a civil air terminal. So it is having the range of services like convyer belt, X-ray machine, inspection system. The departing passengers on alighting from their cars or taxis walk only a shourt distance to speious concourse and proceed to check-in-counters. The departure holding lounge is beautifully furnished and has an exclusive aesthetic environment. 

The civil enclave RSVT is spreat over nearly 30 acrs of land. The title of the land is the name of Airports Authority of India. The land is well planned and cosidering of all aspect of smooth operations. A well maintained apron is disignated for two air bus and one small aircraft. Terminal building is well specious lighted and airy. 

Before its take over by indian airforce in the late sixties, Gwalior Airport was a civil aerodrome under the civil aviation department. It has also been one of the important diversionary airports. After it was handed over to the Airforc, Civil Air Terminal was established in a renovated accomodation.  

Gwalior being one of the important cities of Madhya Pradesh with good tourist potential, a glories culture and a prominent place in the history of the country. Upgraded civil air terminal facilities to meet the aspirations of the travelling public of Gwalior.


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