Nomination of Member Secretary in CHQ Internal Compliant Committee
MATS1_4 Ed_Corr-2_Amd-3-15 Aug 2017
Flexible use of Airspace Manual
Certification of CNS/ATM facilities
Policies and Procedure for calculating ATC Capacity - 2015
Voluntary Reporting of Communication Error - 2015
Enhancing Operational Efficiency through Data-Based Departure - 2015
Action By Air Traffic Control in respect of Aerodrome Operating Minima - 2015
Memorandum of Understanding (AAI & MoCA): 2015-16
AAI Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment
Material Management Instruction No. 06: Modification to Tender Fee Clause
CNS-ATM Agreement for Greenfield Airports
Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) - 2014
Performance Monitoring using Airport Information Management System (AIMS) - 2014
Arrival Manager (AMAN) - 2014
Voluntary and Confidential Reporting System - 2014
"Idea Box" for creative and innovative ideas - 2014
Air Traffic Management Strategic Plan
2014 Round - II (April - June) (Overall Score & Rank )
List of Sexual Harassment Committee at regions, CHQ and DRCC units - Updated