CAPC 01 of 2018 : Checklist of CAPCs Current
CAPC 09 of 2017 : False declaration or statement in Class 3 Medical Examination Current
CAPC 08 of 2017 : Medical Examination by two or more DMEs ​Current
CAPC 07 of 2017 : Refresher Training and familiarization for DMEs Current
CAPC 06 of 2017 : Application for ATC Rating Current
AERONAUTICAL STATION CIRCULARS 005/2017 : Procedures to be adopted fbr Aeronautical Station Operator (ASO) Permission/Proficiency Assessment at Aeronautical Stations
AERONAUTICAL STATION CIRCULARS 004/2017 : Standard Operating Procedures for the conduct of evaluation of English Language Proficiency for ATS Personnel (ELPA) at Aeronautical Stations.
AERONAUTICAL STATION CIRCULARS 003/2017 : Experience requisite for acquiring Aeronautical Station Operator (ASO) Permission/Proficiency
AERONAUTICAL STATION CIRCULARS 002/2017 : Selection of Experienced ASO for station level training of Aeronautical Station Operators
AERONAUTICAL STATION CIRCULARS 001/2017 : Selection of On-the-Job Training Instructors for station level training of Aeronautical Station Operators (ASO).
Manual of Station Level Training and Permission/Proficiency of ASO – Part 1
Second List for Appointment to the post of Junior Executive (LAW) Advt. No. 02/2012 & 02/2015
Online Quiz Competition on the Observance of VAW-2017
Third list for Appointment to the post of Manager (Finance) Under Direct Recruitment - ADVT.NO.02/2012 & 02/2015
Competency and recency requirements for exercising the privileges of an air traffic control rating : CAPC 05 of 2017 (Current)
Cautionary Notice on Fraudulent Recruitment
ATMC 07 of 2017 : Procedure for Implementation of Two-Stream ATC Rating (Current)
AAI e-NewsLetter October-December 2017
List of Class 3 Designated Medical Examiners (DMEs) : CAPC 04 of 2017 ( Superceded by CAPC 14 of 2018)
Guidelines in respect of situations of decrease in medical fitness due to pregnancy - CAPC 03 of 2017 (Current)
Updating of Organisational Structure of AAI in MARC Part-2 - CAPC 02 of 2017 (Cancelled)
Introduction of Certification of ATS Personnel Circular (CAPC) - CAPC 01 of 2017 (Current)
Manual of ATS Personnel Ratings and Certification (Combined)
MARC Part-2
MARC Part-3
MARC Part-4
MARC Part-5
MARC Part-6
MARC Part-7
FORMS - Class 3 Medical Form
AAI approved list of Agencies for “Development of New Civil Enclave at Allahabad Airport” - Design & Build (EPC)
Third list for Appointment to the post of Manager (Law) through Direct Recruitment under Advt. No. 02/2012 & 02/2015
Emplacement of Decorators/ Illumination Agencies
Emplacement of Catering Agencies
Advertisement for empanelment of Artist/Art curators : General Instructions/ Guidelines:
New Form No. 11-Declaration Form
Notice for those candidate who have not reported for training for the post of Junior Executive (ATC) under Advt.No.7/2015
Mechanism for Dispute resolution in the existing and future contracts
CHRM CIRCULAR NO. 22 / 2017 - Recruitment to the post of Jr Assistant (Fire Services)