International Civil Aviation Organisation
Environmental clearance for the Extension of Runway project at Rajahmundry Airport
AERA approved Cargo charges for cargo services at Chennai Airport, Chennai upto 31.3.2016
AERA approved Cargo charges for cargo services at NSCBI Airport, Kolkata upto 31.3.2016
Schedule of TSP & Demurrage charges for AAI managed Airports (except Chennai & Kolkata)
CVC Circular : Revised threshold values for submission of Quarterly Progress Report -QPR
Intensive Examination of Works Guidelines
Manual for Intensive Examination of Works / Purchase Contracts for PSUS, Autonomous Bodies, Banks Insurance Companies & Financial Institutions
Vigilance Manual - Volume I
Investigation Skills - Hands On
Investigtion Officer's Final Report on Conclusion of Investigation - Final Report
Model Receipt Memo &Statements
Intensive Examination Report
Technical Sanction Check List
Ethics in Public Procurement by CVO
Time and Cost Over-run in AAI Projects -A.K. Misra, ED(ENGG)
Financial Control in Project Management - S. Chaudhary, GM(FIN)
Next Generation ATS by CVO
Financial control in Project Management by S. Suresh ED(Fin)
Implementation of contract clauses by S. SREEKUMAR GM(Engg) NER
Time and Cost Overrun in North Eastern Projects - Causes and Solutions by TS Chandramouli ED-ENGG
ICAO'S role in disaster preparedness, planning and response
Human factors in the organisation of SAR Services
Coomercial Instructions no. - 2017
Revised visibility conditions for operation of Aeronautical Ground Lights (Amended) - 2017
Issuance of No Objection Certificate (NOC) for height clearances around Airport - 2017
Action by Air Traffic Control in respect of Aerodrome Operating Minima - 2017
Operation of Central Air Traffic Flow Managemen - 2017
Check List of ATMCs - 2017
MoU 2017-18 between AAI and MoCA
2017 Round - III (January-June) (Parameter-wise Score)
2017 Round - III (January-June) (Overall Score & Rank)
DOP : 2017 Provisional IDs/GST Identification Number of 30 nos. of states in AAI