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Prohibited Item List


The following items that are banned for carriage on person/hand baggage on board flights operating from civil airports in India; and Indian Registered aircrafts from foreign airports :

Personal Items

  1. Lighters
  2. Scissors-metal with pointed tips
  3. Realistic replica of toy weapon

Sharp Objects

  1. Box Cutters
  2. Ice Axes/ Ice Picks
  3. Knives (any length and type except round-bladed, butter, and plastic cutlery)
  4. Meat Cleavers
  5. Razor-Type Blades such as box cutters, utility knives, razor blades not in a cartridge, but excluding safety razors
  6. Sabers
  7. Scissors – metal with pointed tips
  8. Sword

Sporting Goods

  1. Baseball Bats
  2. Bows and Arrows
  3. Cricket Bats
  4. Golf Clubs
  5. Hockey Sticks
  6. Lacrosse Sticks
  7. Pool Cues
  8. Ski Poles
  9. Spear Guns

Guns and Firearms

  1. Ammunition
  2. BB guns
  3. Compressed Air Guns
  4. Firearms
  5. Flare Guns
  6. Gun Lighters
  7. Gun Powder
  8. Parts of Guns and Firearms
  9. Pellet Guns
  10. Realistic Replicas of Firearms
  11. Starter pistols


  1. Axes and hatchets
  2. Cattle Prods
  3. Crowbars
  4. Hammers
  5. Drills (including cordless portables power drills)
  6. Saws (including cordless portable power saws)
  7. Screwdrivers (except those in eyeglass repair kits)
  8. Tools (including but not limited to wrenches and pliers)
  9. Wrenches and Pliers

Martial Arts / Self Defense Items

  1. Billy Clubs
  2. Black Jacks
  3. Brass Knuckles
  4. Kubatons
  5. Mace/ Pepper Spray
  6. Martial Arts Weapons
  7. Night Sticks
  8. Nunchakus
  9. Martial Arts/ Self Defense Items
  10. Stun Guns/ Shocking Devices
  11. Throwing Stars

Explosive Materials

  1. Blasting Caps
  2. Dynamite
  3. Fireworks
  4. Flares (in any form)
  5. Hand Grenades
  6. Plastic Explosives
  7. Realistic Replicas of Explosives

Flammable items

  1. Liquid/Aerosol/Gel/Paste or items of similar consistency (Allowed separately, in small quantities required for the duration of journey, in one clear transparent re-sealable one liter size plastic bag. Each item should, however, not exceed 100 ml in quantity). Exception : Medicine/inhaler accompanied by prescription and baby food. Hand Sanitiser up to 350ml allowed to carry in Hand Baggage as per addendum to BCAS AVSEC Circular 18/2006.
  2. Fuels (Including cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel)
  3. Gasoline
  4. Gas Torches
  5. Lighter Fluid
  6. Strike-anywhere Matches
  7. Turpentine and paint Thinner
  8. Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries

Disabling Chemicals and other Dangerous Items

  1. Chlorine for Pools and Spas
  2. Compressed Gas Cylinders (including fire extinguishers)
  3. Liquid Bleach
  4. Spillable Batteries (except those in wheelchairs)
  5. Spray Paint
  6. Tear Gas

Note : The above mentioned are only indicative lists of items. Commonsense, however, shall prevail in assessing whether an object can be used as a weapon for committing any act of unlawful interference with civil aviation operations.


Security Related Information

Security related information

Lost and found Baggage

Lost and found Baggage

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Fact Sheet
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Airport Informations: 
745 1 ARP coordinates and site at AD 125743N 0745323E 312 deg /78.83m from RWY 09/27 & TWY A intersection.
2 Direction and Distance from City 022°,13KM from Mangalore
3 Elevation/Reference temperature 338 FT / 32.0°C
4 766 MAG VAR/Annual change 2.00°W (1995) /0.017E
5 772 AD Administration, address, telephone, telefax, telex, AFS Airport Director, Airports Authority of India,Mangalore Airport, Kenjar,Bajpe P.O., Mangalore - 574142. Tel +91-824-2220400 Tel +91-9448125412 Fax: +91-824-2254175 AFS: VOMLYHYX E_mail: apd_mangaloreataai [dot] aero
6 Types of traffic permitted IFR/VFR
7 Remarks Aerodrome located on hilltop. Valleys 200ft to 250ft immediately beyond paved surface of Runway.


AD 2.3

1 AD Administration MON-FRI: 0400-1200 (0930-1730 IST) Sat/Sun/Holiday: Nil
2 Customs and immigration Available during Watch -Hrs of TWR
3 Health and sanitation Available during Watch-Hrs of TWR
4 AIS briefing office Avbl during Watch -Hrs of TWR
5 ATS reporting office (ARO) Avbl. during Watch -Hrs of TWR
6 MET briefing office As ATS
7 ATS Consult Current NOTAM for ATS HR.
8 Fueling Avbl during Watch -Hrs of TWR
9 Handling Avbl during Watch -Hrs of TWR
10 Security Avbl during Watch-Hrs of TWR
11 De-icing Nil
12 Remarks 1. Outside TWR Watch hours, services available O/R with 24 HR PN to AD. 2. Customs and Immigration facilities are provided on limited basis to cover operations of Intl.flights. The facilities can be arranged to cover any authorized non- sked operations. 3. Non-sked flights to obtain positive clearance prior to departure.


AD 2.4

1 Cargo-handling facilities Limited, Manual
2 Fuel/Oil types JET A1 (ATF-K50)
3 Fuelling facilities/capacity IOC :3 Refullers 11000 Liters ,Two with 16000 Liters. Discharge rate 900 LTR/MIN.Total fuel storage capacity 205Kl.HPCL:One Refueller 27000 liters,Two with 16000 liter,Total fuel storage capacity 59 KL.
4 De-icing facilities Nil
5 Hangar space for visiting aircraft Nil
6 Repair facilities for visiting aircraft Nil
7 Remarks Nil


AD 2.5

1 Hotels In the city. Nearest at 4.5 km.
2 Restaurants At AD and in the city.
3 Transportation Buses, Taxis and Car hire Avbl.
4 Medical facilities First aid at AD. Hospitals in the city.
5 Bank and Post Office Banks: At AD. Axis Bank & Post office. ATM counter 24HR.Foreign Exchange counter AVBL .
6 Tourist office Office in the city, Tele-No. 0824-2421692 /2442926
7 Remarks Nil


AD 2.6

1 AD category for fire fighting Cat 7 (Refer current NOTAM also)
2 Rescue equipment Available as per category.
3 Capability for removal of disabled aircraft Limited Facility Avbl. Local Arrangment with MRPL, NMPT for cranes.
4 Remarks Nil


AD 2.7

1 Types of Clearing Equipment Nil
2 Clearance priorities Nil
3 Remarks Nil


AD 2.8

1. Apron surface and strength   New Apron Old Apron
Surface Cement Concrete Cement Concrete
Strength PCN 54/R/B/X/T PCN 54/R/B/X/T
2. Taxiway width, surface and strength Designator A B C D E H
Location 866 M FM BEG OF RWY 27 AND NORTH OF RWY   756 M FM BEG OF RWY 27 AND NORTH OF RWY   At the beginning of RWY 24 and 291.45 m fm beginning of RWY 27 left side   At a distance of 700m fm THR RWY 24 and 1630 M FM THR RWY 06 N-W of RWY 06/24. 2438.5m from THR RWY 24, 976.4M m from THR RWY 27,RIGHT
Width 23M 23M 23M 23M 23M 15M
Surface Bituminous Bituminous Bituminous Bituminous Cement concrete Bituminous
Strength 54/F/B/X/T 54/F/B/X/T 54/F/B/X/T 54/F/B/X/T 54/R/B/X/T 20/F/B/X/U
Shoulder 7.5 M on both sides 7.5 M on both sides 7.5 M on both side 7.5 M on both side7.5 M 7.5 M on both side7.5 M No shoulder for TWY H
    Length     130.5m 468M 402.4 M 76.5M
3. ACL and elevation Location Old Apron New Apron
Elevation 102M 88M
4. VOR/INS checkpoints VOR At TWY A & B holding positions


AD 2.9

1 Use of aircraft stand ID signs, TWY guide lines and visual docking/parking guidance system of aircraft stands Taxiing guidance signs at all the intersections with Twy and Rwy and at all holding positions. Markings: Guidelines on Apron Acft. stand ident. Lighting:Apron Edge & Flood lights  
2 RWY and TWY markings and LGT RWY: Marked:Designation, THR, TDZ,Aiming point,Centerline, Edge. Lighted:THR, EDGE and END,displaced THR. TWY: Marked:Centerline, HoldingPositions at all TWY/RWY intersections & Edge Lighted: Edge (Except TWY H)  
3 Stop bars Nil
4 Remarks Illuminated signages provided in operational area.


AD 2.10

In approach / TKOF areas
1 2 3 4 5 6
RWY NR/Area affected Obstacle type Coordinates Elevation Marking/LGT Remarks
In cir cling area and at AD POST OFFICE 125739.0 N 0745316.5 E 355 FT NIL NIL
In cir cling area and at AD ATC ANTENNA 125748.0 N 0745325.5 E 387 FT NIL NIL
In circling area and at AD GP ANTENNA 125738.5 N 0745345.9 E 349 FT NIL NIL
APCH-27 TKOF-09 affected TREE 125744.2 N 0745356.3 E 297 FT NIL NIL
APCH-27 TKOF-09 affected TREE 125740.9 N 0745356.7 E 297 FT NIL NIL
In circling area and at AD OHWT 125823.6 N 0745549.0 E 494 FT NIL NIL
In circling area and at AD TREE 125745.6 N 0745353.6 E 314 FT NIL NIL
In circling area and at AD GROUND LEVEL 125745.3 N 0745353.6 E 302 FT NIL NIL
In cir cling area and at AD GROUND LEVEL 125745.1 N 0745355.4 E 298 FT NIL NIL
In circling area and at AD TREE 125658.2 N 0745555.9 E 460 FT NIL NIL
In circling area and at AD SECURITY HUT 125739.4 N 0745310.3 E 340 FT NIL NIL
In circling area and at AD GP OF TREES 125738.7 N 0745314.8 E 380 FT NIL NIL
In circling area and at AD TV TOWER 125524.0 N 0745402.9 E 574 FT NIL NIL

AD 2.11

1 Associated MET Office MANGALORE
2 Hours of service MET Office outside hours Avbl during Watch-Hrs of TWR
3 Office responsible for TAF preparation period of validity BANGALORE 9HR [ 00-09, 03-12, 06-15,09-18, 21-06]
4 Trend forecast interval of issuance   Nil
5 Briefing/consultation provided Nil
6 Flight documentation Language(s) used Tabular form English
7 Charts and other information available for briefing and consultation Nil
8 Supplementary equipment available for providing information Nil
9 ATS units provided with information Mangalore ATC AND ACS
10 Additional information (limitation of service, etc.) Documentation provided on request.


AD 2.12

Designations RWY NR TRUE & MAG BRG Dimensions of RWY (M) Strength (PCN) and surface of RWY and SWY THR coordinates THR elevation and highest elevation of TDZ of precision APP RWY (FT)
1 2 3 4 5 6
06 58.38° GEO 60.25° MAG 2450 x 46 54/R/B/X/T Concrete 125656.79N 0745239.41E THR:306.8FT TDZ:306.8FT
24 238.38° GEO 240.25° MAG 2450 x 46 54/R/B/X/T Concrete 125736.53N 0745345.24E THR:308.1FT TDZ:317.1FT
09 89.12° GEO 91.50° MAG 1468 x 46 54/F/B/X/T TARMAC 125741.70N 0745302.20E THR:324.0FT
27 269.12° GEO 271.50° MAG 1468 x 46 54/F/B/X/T TARMAC 125742.50N 0745351.00E THR:299.0FT
Slope of RWY-SWY SWY dimensions (M) CWY dimensions (M) Strip dimensions (M) OFZ Remarks
7 8 9 10 11 12
See AD 2.23 --- --- 2570 x 150 Nil  
See AD 2.23 --- --- 2570 x 150 Nil  
See AD 2.23 --- --- 1768 x 150 Nil THR marked at 70M & from the beginning of paved surface of RWY 09 due inadequate basic strip.
See AD 2.23 --- --- 1768 x 150 Nil THR marked at 70M & from the beginning of paved surface of RWY 09 due inadequate basic strip.


AD 2.13

RWY designator TORA (M) TODA (M) ASDA (M) LDA (M) Remarks
1 2 3 4 5 6
06 2450 2450 2450 2330 Rwy 06 Threshold displaced by 120 M RESA: 90X90M
24 2450 2450 2450 2450 RESA: 174 X 90 M up to a dist of 124 M from RWY strip and beyond 124 M width gradually reduces to 74 M
09 1468 1468 1468 1468  
27 1468 1468 1468 1468  


AD 2.14

Designations RWY APCH LGT TYPE LEN INTST THR LGT COLOUR WBAR VASIS (MEHT) PAPI TDZ, LGT LEN RWY centre line LGT Length, spacing, colour and intensity RWY edge LGT Length, spacing, colour and intensity
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
09 Nil Green PAPI LEFT/3° (12.84M) Nil Nil 1468M, 60M, HIRL
27 Nil Green PAPI LEFT/3° (10.86M) Nil Nil 1468M, 60M, HIRL
06 SALS 360M   PAPI 3°(15.46 M) Nil Nil 2450M 60M HIRL
24 SALS 420M   PAPI 3°(15.32 M) Nil Nil 2450M 60M HIRL
RWY end LGT colour WBAR SWY LGT LEN (M) colors Remarks
8 9 10
Red Nil Nil
Red Nil Nil
Red Nil Blue turning pad LGTS AVBL
Red Nil Blue turning pad LGTS AVBL


AD 2.15

1 ABN/IBN Location, characteristics and hours of operation ABN : At (old)Tower Building,FLG W&G EV2SEC. As per Tower Watch HR. IBN : Nil  
2 LDI location and LGT Anemometer location and LGT LDI: in front of new TWR.Lighted Anemometer: Located on old TWR, Lighted
3 TWY edge and centre line lighting Center line: Nil Edge: All TWY
4 Secondary power supply/switch-over time Secondary Power supply to all lighting at AD. Switch-over time: 15 sec
5 Remarks Nil


AD 2.16

Not Established
1 Designation and lateral limits Mangalore CTR a circle radius (25NM) Centered at (VOR) "MML" 125741N 0745518E
2 Vertical limits SFC to 5500FT AMSL
3887 3 Airspace classification D
4 ATS unit call sign Language(s) Mangalore Tower English
5 Transition altitude 8000 FT MSL
6 Remarks Nil


AD 2.18

Service designation Call sign Frequency Hours of operation Remarks
1 2 3 4 5
APP Mangalore Approach 122.1 MHZ As ATS Refer NOTAM for current HR of operation
TWR Mangalore Tower 122.1 MHZ As ATS Emergency Frequency 121.5 MHz
ATIS Mangalore Information 126.25 MHZ AS ATS ----
MSSR/RSR Mangalore Radar 127.55 MHZ 128.7 MHZ As ATS   Stand by freq.
SMC --- 121.6 MHZ    


AD 2.19

Type of aid CAT of ILS/MLS (For VOR/ILS/MLS, give VAR) ID Frequency Hours of operation Site of transmitting antenna ELEV of DME transmitting antenna Remarks
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
NDB ML 357.0 kHz   As ATS 125747.5 N 0745331.0 E --- ---
GP 24 - 334.4 MHz   As ATS 125735.3 N 0745334.7 E --- 3° RDH 50FT
DME MML 1176/1113M Hz H-24 125740.6N 0745517.9E 394FT Collocated with DVOR
DVOR MML 114.200 MHz H-24 125740.6N 0745517.9E   Nil
DME (GP) IMNG 999/ 1062MHz As ATS 125735.3N 0745334.7E 331FT Collocated with GP.
ILS LLZ24 IMNG 110.1MHz As ATS 125651.5N 0745228.9E   Rwy 27 ILS completely withdrawn
MSSR --- 1030/1090 H-24 125832.5N 0745325.1E --- NIL

LOCAL TFC REGULATIONS •New Apron is not visible fm Tower. Pilots should exercise caution when manoeuvring on the Apron due to the proximity of other Acft, ground staff and equipment. Engine power should be restricted to the minimum required, to reduce the adverse effect of jet blast. •Responsibility of guiding or maneuvering acft in acft stand. Taxi lane serving apron rests on operator. •Entry into Prkg stands 5 to 10 will be through TWY 'E' •Stands 8,9,10 are Mars-Multiple Aircraft Ramp System-type and the pattern of Taxi lead in lines require nose wheel steering while tax into stand. •Stands 5, 6, 7 are power-in/power-out stands. •Stands 8,9,10 are Mars Multiple Aircraft Ramp System-type and the pattern of Taxi lead in lines require nose wheel steering while tax into stand.  
•Automatic Stand Guidance System not avbl for stands 5, 6, 7&10.Marshalling service will be provided by operator/ground handling agency. •Non-standard parking not allowed. No Acft shall be parked beyond clear lines. •Power out is not permitted from push-back stands, viz 8, 9 and 10. •Only Idle Power Engine run is permitted on parking stands agency. Exercise all necessary ground precautions. •Departing Acft from Stands 8,9,10 will push-back facing East to taxi out via 'E'. •Simultaneous Push-back from adjacent Stands not permitted. •For Traffic planning requirements the estimated time for completion of pushback is 4 min and for engine start 2 min. Any delay shall be communicated to ATC. •Code D Acft from stand 8 shall not push back beyond stop line near stand 7. •All Acft proceeding to stands 5 to 10 to follow appropriate Stand lead-in lines from Acft stand taxi lane. •Code D Acft is not permitted on Acft stand taxi lane west of stop line near Stand 7. •Code C or smaller Acft taxi out from stands 5, 6, 7 shall turn left and follow lead-out line to join Acft stand taxi lane behind stand 5 and thereafter TWY 'E' •Code C Acft taxi out from stand 6 and 7 are required to taxi out with minimum power, and as far as practicable, without stopping up to abeam bay nr.7.


AD 2.21

Remarks: 1) Four parking stands. Two B737s/A320s and two ATRs can be parked simultaneously or three parking stands for B737/EA32 at a time avbl. 2)TWY D links RWY 06/24 and RWY 09/27. VISUAL AIDS-TWY EDGE LGTS,TWY C/L EDGE and RHP markings TWY direction, location RWY Designation signs provided, SIGNAGES not illuminated. 3)TWY E: Angle of turn-90degreesRadius of exit curve -30M, Type of ACFT permitted-up to A300-600R, Marking and Lighting avbl. 4)New Apron: Location- North -West of RWY 06 beginning. 5)Ramp Equipment Area: 105X20M on west side of Apron. 6)Parking Stand characteristics Stand no. Coordinates Largest Acft. Type Remarks 1 125746.2N 0745323.9E UPTO B738/A320 Power in/ power out, Remote 2W 125746.3N 0745325.2E UPTO ATR72 Power in/ power out, Remote 2E 125746.4N 0745326.1E UPTO ATR72 Power in/ power out, Remote 2N 125746.2N 0745326.0E UPTO B738/A320 Power in/ power out, Remote 3 125746.3N 0745327.6E UPTO B738/A320 Power in/ power out, Remote 4W 125745.2N 0745325.6E UPTO ATR72 Power in/ power out, Remote 4E 125745.2N 0745326.4E UPTO ATR72 Power in/ power out, Remote 5 125657.83N 0745216.43E ATR72-500/E175 Power in/ power out, Remote 6 125657.52N 0745217.67E A320/B738 Power in/ power out, Remote 7 125657.30N 0745219.10E A321-200 Power in/ power out, Remote 8 125658.48N 0745220.91E A300, A300-600R Aerobridge and VDGS avbl 9 125658.97N 0745222.84E A300, A300-600R Aerobridge and VDGS avbl 10 125659.92N 0745224.41E A300, A300-600R power in/pushback Remote   7)WDI: Three(i) Middle of RWY27 (ii)Beginning of RWY24 (iii)Beginning of RWY 06 8) Slop of RWY -SWY:-- RWY09: 0 to 198M:1.25%(-ve),198 to 318M:1.00%(+ve),318 to 678M:1.09%(+ve), 678 to 1578M:1.50%(-ve),1578M to 1625M:1.25%(-ve) RWY27--0to47M:1.25%(+ve),47to947M:1.50%(+ve),947to1307M:1.09%(-ve),1307to 1427M:1.00%(-ve),1427 to 1625M:1.25%(-ve) RWY06--0to1345M:0%,1345to1885M:+0.56%,1885to2450M:-0.46%. RWY24--0to565M:+0.46%,565to1105M:-0.56%,1105to2450M:0%. RESA 90X92M includes the existing paved area.existing turnpad will continue to be used for Taxi


AD 2.24

  1. ILS RWY 24 Procedure Chart split into ILS (Z)RWY 24 and ILS (Y)RWY 24
  2. VOR RWY 06
  3. VOR RWY 27 Procedure Chart renamed VOR (Z)RWY 27
  4. VOR RWY 09 Procedure Chart renamed VOR (Z)RWY 09
  5. VOR RWY 09 (CIRCLING) Procedure Chart renamed VOR (Y) RWY 09 (CIRCLING)
  6. VOR RWY 27 (CIRCLING) Procedure Chart renamed VOR (Y) RWY 27 (CIRCLING)
  7. NDB RWY 27
  8. NDB RWY 09
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Airport Informations: 

123 International Air Cargo Complex has commenced operation from 01.05.2013 measuring 1400 sq.mtrs. (700 Sqm for Export and 700 Sq.m. for Import).                                                                               

INTERNATIONAL CARGO                                                                                                                                                     

Key features:     Designed to handle 100 Metric tons at a time (50MT in export & 50 MT in Import)

Spacious processing, storage and handling facilities for International (Export and Import cargo).

Walk-in type Cold Room facility for International cargo (5 MT capacity).

Exclusive storage facility for Valuable, Vulnerable and Dangerous consignments.

Customs Examination area

X-Ray screening Machine

Ample parking facility for cars and trucks

Fork lift facility

Electronic weighing scale max.3000kg                                                                                                                      

DOMESTIC CARGO                                                                                                                                                             

Domestic cargo operations  handled by Cargo Service Centre (CSC)

Airport Contact Information: 
Airport Director
Airports Authority of India Mangaluru Airport, Kenjar Bajpe - 574142 (Karnataka)
91-824-2254175, 2252427
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Airport Contact Type: 
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