Airports Authority of India
Mission  :  ''To achieve highest standards of safety and quality in air traffic services and airport management by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for total customer satisfaction, contributing to economic growth and prosperity of the nation.''                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Vision :  ''To be a world-class organization providing leadership in air traffic services and airport management & making India a major hub in Asia Pacific region by 2016''.

Consultancy Services Offered by AAI
  1. Airport Feasibility Studies
    1. Site selection/Technical Feasibility
    2. Topography Surveys, Cartography and Soil & pavement Investigation Facilities.
    3. Airport Obstruction Clearance Surveys.
    4. Air Traffic Forecasts & Normative Surveys.
  1. Airport Devlopment Services
    1. Concept to commissioning service for new green filed airports
    2. Preparation of TOR.
    3. Preparation of DPRS.
    4. Mandatory ministry clearances.
    5. RFP for module implementation/Scrutiny /Award
  1. Airport Commercial Viability Studies/Airport Audit Services.
  1. Airport Master Planning.
  1. Designing, Evaluation & Construction of:
    1. Air Passenger Terminals/Air Cargo Terminals.
    2. Airport Pavements.
    3. Design of Aircraft Hangars and Supporting Infrastructure.
    4. Airport Electrical Installations/Approach and Night Landing Facilities.
    5. Remodeling, Modernisation of Airports.
  1. Planning, Installation, Operation & Maintenance of:
    1. Radars, Nav Aids, Visual & Non-Visual Landing Aids and Com. Facilities.
  1. Air Space & Air Traffic Management, Air Route Re-Structuring
    1. Development of SIDS, STARS, IAL Procedures, Obstruction Charts.
    2. Planning & Design for Airport Fire Safety Services.
  1. Airport Management on Turnkey Basis.
  1. Computerisation
    1. Cargo Handling.
    2. Integrated Passenger Information System.
    3. Automatic Self Briefing System.
    4. Airport Terminal Information System.
    5. Air Traffic Management and Airlines Billing.
    6. Automatic Message Switching System.
  1. Training
    1. Air Traffic Controllers.
    2. Airport Air Side Management (Ground Flight Safety).
    3. Radar & Nav. Aids & Communication Equipment.
    4. Engineers.
    5. Airport Terminal Management.
    6. Airport Fire Services.
  1. Flight Calibration of Airport Ground Facilities
    1. Commissioning & routine flight check of RADAR System, VOR, DME, NDB, ILS, VASI, PAPI  etc.

Last updated on: 18th November 2010