Airports Authority of India
e-Taps helpdesk contact number is temporarily changed to 011-24642950 extn. 3512 . -- Mission  :   ''To achieve highest standards of safety and quality in air traffic services and airport management by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for total customer satisfaction, contributing to economic growth and prosperity of the nation.''                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Vision :  ''To be a world-class organization providing leadership in air traffic services and airport management & making India a major hub in Asia Pacific region by 2016''.

Documents and Manuals
  1. MoU 2016-17 : Airports Authority of India And Ministry of Civil Aviation
  1. AAI Training Policy
  1. Safety Audit Checklist for ATM
  1. Safety Audit Checklist for CNS
  1. Safety Audit Checklist for Operations
  1. Certification of CNS/ATM facilities
  1. Memorandum of Understanding (AAI & MoCA): 2015-16
  1. Flexible use of Airspace Manual
  1. GOI Regulations for Height Clearance:SO-84(E)
  1. Air Traffic Management Strategic Plan

  1. Material Management Instruction No. 06: Modification to Tender Fee Clause
  1. CNS-ATM Agreement for Greenfield Airports
  1. Aeronautical Survey Manual
  1. MoCA Guidelines for Slot Allocation
  1. Terminal Management Manual
  1. Directorate of Operations Manual
  1. Manual on Aerodrome Licensing of AAI Airports
  1. AAI PR Policy : Hindi version | English version
  1. Memorandum of Understanding between CATC AND CHQ 2012-13
  1. Materials Management Manual
  1. Air Traffic Management Training Plan 2010
  1. Air Traffic Management Publication
  1. National Birds Control Committee Documents
  1. RSA Client
  1. Ajay Parsad Committee Report 
  1. Report of First BOBASIO Meeting
  1. ICAO Workshop on Emission
  1. ATM Contingency Plan: Delhi FIR l Mumbai FIR l Kolkata FIR l Chennai FIR


Last updated on: 24th August 2016