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Mission :  ''To achieve highest standards of safety and quality in air traffic services and airport management by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for total customer satisfaction, contributing to economic growth and prosperity of the nation.''                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Vision :  ''To be a world-class organization providing leadership in air traffic services and airport management & making India a major hub in Asia Pacific region by 2016''.
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1. What are the requirements to get entry inside the Air Cargo Complex?
The cargo terminal is a restricted area, however, the bona fide user(s) by producing documentary evidence viz. relevant documents for transacting air cargo business / transaction can gain access to the cargo terminal with valid Airport Entry Permit / Visitor pass issued by the designated official(s) of Security Department. The pax are required to show relevant Air Waybill and Passport for gaining entrance / entry pass while clearing their Unaccompanied Baggage.

2. What kinds of penalties are imposed on the users at AAI Cargo complexes for violations etc.?
The penalties for various offences/violations done by the users of the cargo terminal are as under;

S.No Offence / Violations Penalty Penalty (Rs.)
General Offences / Violations
1. Smoking in public area except where designated smoking chambers or areas are established.
2. Spitting at any place of terminal building of cargo.
3. Un-authorised entry into terminal building/area.
4. Rash Driving within Air Cargo Terminal.
5. Parking in ?No parking area?.
6. State of intoxication while within the cargo trml.
7. Creating nuisance in AAI Public Area.
8. Organizing or taking part in any public assembly, demonstration, dharnas or procession likely to obstruct or interfere with proper use and orderly functioning of the cargo terminal.
9. Display of banner, flag, poster, emblem or write slogans in or around the terminal bldg.
Procedural Offences / Violations
10. Tendering cargo in ?Not ready for carriage condition? like without labeling, offering damaged / wet packages etc.
500.00 per consignment
11. Damage, displace, deface or alter any building structure or other property of AAI whether movable or immovable, besides penalty, action to be taken to recover the
12. Tampering with official document / records.
13. Unattended / Left over cargo (in full or part shipment) at the truck dock in the night/beyond normal working hours.
Demurrage charges equivalent to no. of days cargo left over, subject to minimum of Rs.500.00.
Any other offence / violation, not covered above, shall attract a maximum penal action of Rs.500.00 subject to a minimum of Rs.100.00 per instance with the approval of Head / In-charge of Cargo Department.
3. What is the procedure for clearance of Import General Cargo?
Step by step clearance procedure of Import General Cargo
1. Obtain Delivery Order (D.O.)from the concerned airlines or Break Bulk Agent. LOCATION - Respective Airlines at cargo terminal/Agent premises
2. Submit Bill of Entry along with Delivery order, letter of authority, airway bill, invoice & import license etc. to the customs for noting. LOCATION - Service Center.
3. Assessment of Duty/payment of Duty and Issue of Examination order by customs appraiser, Air Cargo Complex LOCATION - Customs offices / Air Cargo Trml.
4. Obtain location slip of cargo from AAI LOCATION - Import Public Daily Counter, 10:00-16:00 hrs OR through EDI
5. Obtain forwarding of packages for customs examination from AAI LOCATION - Various shed at Import Wing, 10:00 hrs - 1615 hrs.
6. Complete customs examination by customs examiners LOCATION - Customs examination hall, 10:00-17:00 hrs.
7. Obtain out of charge order from concerned customs officer LOCATION - Customs examination hall, 10:00-17:00 hrs
8. Obtain AAI's dues challan LOCATION - AAI Counter, 10:00 hrs - 17:30 hrs OR thru EDI
9. Payment of AAI's dues in Bank / AAI counters LOCATION - Bank Counter, 10:00-16:00 hrs.
10. Obtain gate pass against proof of charges paid LOCATION - Counter AAI 10:00 hrs - 18:00 hrs.
11. Present AAI's Gate Pass at Bonded (Pre-delivery) Gate for delivery of pkgs. LOCATION : Import wing shed, 10:00-20:00 hrs.
12. Obtain clearance from Gate Officer, Customs on Gate Pass of AAI LOCATION : Final Import wing delivery gate, 10:00-20:00 hrs
13. Present Gate Pass at Delivery Gate to AAI staff duly endorsed by Customs and obtain delivery LOCATION : Delivery Gate, Import, 10:00-22:00 hrs.
4. What is the procedure for clearance of un-accompanied baggage in case of import/export?
Step by step clearance procedure of Import Baggage:
1. Obtain delivery order from the concerned airline, break bulk agent. LOCATION - Respective airline / Respective Break Bulk Agent office
2. File Baggage Declaration Form (BD) with customs along with airway bill / House Airway Bill / Passport & delivery order. LOCATION - UB Shed
3. Obtain location slips from AAI. LOCATION - Counter (Import Public Dealing Counters) 10:30 - 16:00 hrs.
4. Obtain forwarding of packages from AAI Staff. LOCATION - UB Shed 10:00 hrs - 17:00 hrs
5. Complete customs examination of the packages by customs and obtain customs duty challan from Customs Superintendent. LOCATION - Customs examination hall, Import (UB Shed) 10:00-17:00 hrs
6. Pay Customs Duty LOCATION ? Customs Deptt. of Import Building. 10:00-18:00 hrs.
7. Obtain clearance (out of charge) from customs against duty payment receipts and surrender one set of all documents to customs LOCATION ? Supdt Customs, UB Shed Examination Hall 10:00- 17:00 hrs.
8. Obtain Bank Challan from AAI counter and deposit AAI charges at Bank/AAI counter. LOCATION ? Bank/AAI counter, UB Shed 10:00-18:00 Hrs.
9. Obtain AAI Gate pass against charges payment receipt and surrendering of all original documents (viz. D.O. with ?out of charge? given by Customs on the Delivery Order) LOCATION - Counter UB Shed Import 10:00 hrs - 17:30 hrs/ Bonded UB Area AAI Import
10. Obtain clearance from Gate officer Customs on AAI Gate Pass. LOCATION : Final Delivery Gate
11. Take delivery from AAI staff (final delivery) against the original gate pass duly endorsed by Customs Officer LOCATION - Delivery gate, UB Shed.
Step by step clearance procedure of Export Baggage:
1. Obtain Carting Order Baggage Airway bill from airlines or through EDI LOCATION - Respective Airline Offices
2. Obtain T C receipt from AAI counter and pay in the bank or through EDI LOCATION - AAI TC / Bank Counter, Export Wing
3. Enter Export Cargo (Main Entrance) along with relevant documents : LOCATION - Export Entry Gate
4. Get Entry endorsement from AAI TD Gate LOCATION - AAI Truck Dock Gate
5. Obtain Customs entry on the BD Form/Orders from Customs for examination. LOCATION : Customs Supdt. Exp. Wing
6. Present BD from to Customs along with the baggage, complete Customs examination and obtain 'Let Export Order'
7. Present documents (BD finalized by Customs / AWB / Carting Order / AAI TC : Receipt to AAI bonded area gate along with baggage
8. Handover the documents to concerned airlines LOCATION - Respective Airline Offices
9. Cargo is unitized by AAI against loading instructions from airlines. LOCATION - AAI Export Bonded Area
10. Release of Export cargo from cargo terminal for the flight: Request from Airlines and simultaneously permitted by Customs LOCATION - AAI Palletisation Area, Export Wing
5. What is the procedure for clearance of export cargo?
Step by step clearance procedure of Export Cargo:
1. Registration, Processing of shipping bill by customs (Service Centre) LOCATION - Air Cargo Complex
2. Obtain carting order and AWB from the carrier LOCATION - Respective Airline Offices or through EDI
3. Present papers (shipping bill / AWB / Carting order) AAI counter and obtain terminal charges receipt.
LOCATION - AAI TC Counter - Export Wing OR thru EDI by exporter
4. Pay AAI Charges. LOCATION : Bank Counter, Export Wing or thru EDI
5. Enter Export Cargo along with relevant documents LOCATION : Export Entry Gate
6. Present TSP receipts to AAI staff at designated TO gate and off-load cargo. Obtain AAI endorsement on TSP receipt. LOCATION - Truck Dock Gate Export Wing
7. Get the pkgs (as per the customs endorsement) examined by customs and complete the formalities LOCATION - Customs in Examination Area (Export) / Gate
8. Let Export Order / Customs Orders LOCATION - Examination area (Exports)
9. Present TSP receipt along with let Export Order to AAI staff at bonded area gate along with cargo for binning & for location slip for airlines handled by AAI. LOCATION - Bonded Area Gate Export Wing
10. Hand over documents to airlines LOCATION - Respective airline offices
11. Unitization - Airline submits Customs approved checklist for unitization or bulk loading to AAI LOCATION - AAI Export Bonded Area
12. Release of Export Cargo for the flight against request from airlines duly approved by customs. LOCATION : AAI Export Palletization Area
6. What is the free period allowed in case of Export and Import Cargo to the Exporter and Importer respectively to avoid demurrage charges on their consignments?
24 hours (1 day) free period is allowed to the exporter to process/hand over the customs cleared export cargo to the custodian at the cargo terminal. While the imported goods can be cleared within 72 hours from the time of arrival without payment of any demurrage charges.

7. What is the criteria for levy of the MOT (Merchant Overtime) charges on Export shipments brought at Air Cargo Complex?
Applicable MOT charges per consignment is levied by AAI for admitting export cargo beyond normal working hours i.e. 22:00 hrs. to 10:00 hrs and on Customs holidays/Second Saturdays/Sundays through out the 24 hours of the day.

8. How can AAI cargo services related charges can be paid and its period validity?
AAI cargo service charges can be paid through Pre-Deposit Account (PDA) or through electronic mode in case of commercial cargo while cash / Demand Draft is only acceptable in case of unaccompanied baggage. (www.airports-

The Terminal Storage and Process Charges (TSP) receipt in exports and the Terminal Charges (TC) in imports is valid for the day of issue only. However refund of un-utilized receipt is considered subject to levy of the administrative charges as notified to trade bodies.

9. What is the procedure for clearance of human remains in import?
Step by step clearance procedure of human remains in import:
1 Obtain Delivery Order, Copy of Air Waybill, Passport, Death Certificate. LOCATION: Respective Airline offices.
2 Obtain permission from Customs to file Kuchcha Bill of Entry (KBE). LOCATION: Customs.
3 Obtain Medical Certificate from Airport Health Officer. LOCATION: Airport Health Office.
4 Obtain Passport Seizure Memo from Immigration. LOCATION: Airport Immigration Counter.
5 Obtain I.F.O.( Import Freight Officer) instructions to produce Human Remains for Customs Examination. LOCATION: Customs.
6 Obtain forwarding of package(H. R.) from AAI. LOCATION: AAI at Cargo Complex.
7 Obtain Customs Clearance (Out Of Charge ) from Customs. LOCATION: Customs Examination Area.
8 Obtain Bank Challan from AAI. (Nil charges). LOCATION: AAI counter.
9 Obtain Gate Pass against Bank Challan. LOCATION: AAI counter.
10 Obtain clearance from Gate Officer Customs on AAI Gate Pass. LOCATION: customs.
11 Take delivery from AAI Official against original Gate Pass LOCATION: AAI Final Delivery Gate.
10. What is the procedure for clearance of live animal in import?
Step by step clearance procedure of live animal in import.
1. Obtain Delivery order, copy of Airwaybill, Health certificate of live Animal. LOCATION: Respective Airline offices.
2. Obtain permission from Customs to file Kuchcha Bill of Entry (KBE). LOCATION: Customs.
3. Obtain Medical Certificate from Animal Quarantine Office. LOCATION: Animal Quarantine Office.
4. Obtain IFO (Import Freight Officer) instructions, to AAI, on KBE to produce Live Animal for Customs Examination. LOCATION: Customs
5. Obtain forwarding of Live Animal from AAI. LOCATION: AAI counter
6. Obtain Customs clearance order (Out Of Charge) from Customs. LOCATION: Customs
7. Obtain Bank Challan from AAI to pay dues. LOCATION: AAI Counter
8. Pay AAI dues and obtain Payment receipt from Bank/AAI. LOCATION: Bank/AAI counter.
9. Obtain Gate Pass against proof of payment. LOCATION: AAI counter.
10. Obtain Clearance/Delivery from Gate Officer, Customs on Gate Pass of AAI. LOCATION: Customs
11. Present Gate Pass to AAI staff at Final Delivery Gate and take delivery of Live Animal. LOCATION: Final Delivery Gate.

11. What is the procedure for seeking waiver of demurrage charges in import?
All applications along with relevant documents for waiver of demurrage charges shall be submitted within 15 calendar days from the date the 'Passed out of charge' is issued by customs authorities. However, delay beyond 15 days for submission and 30 days would be considered by APD/GM(Cargo) & M(Ops) respectively with the reason for condonation of delay and local finance concurrence.

Documents required for processing & granting of waiver of demurrage charges;
  • The waiver application from the Consignee/Importer/CHAs in original.
  • Copy of relevant MAWB/HAWB copy (if consol cargo)
  • Copy of the Delivery Order from the Airlines/Consolidator (if under consol cargo)
  • Copy of the relevant Import TSP Receipt(s)
  • Copy of Baggage Declaration (BD) form in case of UAB with customs ?out of charge?
  • Copy of Passport of the PAX (in case of UAB)
  • Copy of Gate Pass (if delivered)
  • Copy of the Bill of Entry with Customs out of charge stamp inter -alia reflecting the details of Customs Assessed Value (CAV) therein.
  • Any other relevant document (s) e.g. in case of DOP clause No. 10.2.4. viz.
    • Certificate issued by Commissioner of Charities OR
    • Registrar of Societies certifying that the society is Charitable Institution
    • Customs Detention Certificate wherever applicable
12. What is the procedure for lodging/settlement of a cargo claim in the event of damage/pilferage/theft?
Check sheet for processing of cargo claim in case of damage/pilferage/theft;

i)Claim cases received from the consignee / Consignors by AAI is registered in the claim register kept in the Cargo Administration Section.
ii) Following documents should be attached with the claim application by the applicant :-
Copy of AWB / HAWB, Copy of invoice, Copy of packing list, Copy of segregation report where applicable, Copy of Bill of Entry, Joint Survey Report, Claim Bill, Weight of Loss / Damage of package of consignment along with documentary proof, Application of FIR.
iii) Verification of following information is done through the Computer System; IGM NO, FLT NO., FLT DATE., IWR NO., AWB NO. / AWB NO., NO. OF PC?s., WEIGHT, NATURE OF GOODS, LOCATION, REMARKS, STATUS.
iv) Status of the cargo, whether the same is received in good condition or damaged or short landed or in wet condition is obtained through the system or from the IGM Set/ Segregation Report.
v) In the cargo is received in damaged condition then a letter to consignee to this effect is sent accordingly.
vi) In respect of cases, where the cargo is received in good condition and damage occurred when the cargo was in the custody of AAI a claim is lodged with our underwriters for taking further necessary action. However, facilitation is ensured by allowing for survey at AAI premises & witnessing thereof.
vii) In respect of cases, where prima facie case was adjudged, a provisional claims can be registered with the under writers of AAI. The claimant is requested for furnishing relevant documents for processing the case.
viii) In respect of cases where all the relevant documents were made available by the claimants. Formal claim is lodged with the underwriter of AAI.
ix) If the claim is settled by our underwriters then the message is passed on to the claimant and in turn they have to produce a letter stating that they have not preferred any claim from their underwriters. (letter of subrogation).
x) The claim cases which is settled by the under writers by giving cheque to us is sent to the Accounts Department for releasing the amount to the claimant accordingly.
13. What is the mechanism to participate in the unclaimed/unclaimed public auction(s) for cargo conducted by AAI?
After AAI publishes in all the leading national newspapers of English / Hindi / vernacular language about the date of display of unclaimed/uncleared goods which are ripe for disposal followed with public auction. Where successful bidders are free to bid and deposit 33.33% instantly at the fall of hammer. The detailed guidelines are given in the Auction sale lists available before auction date as notified in the notification published in the newspaper.

14. What are the general transactions timings for import/export cargo?
The AAI cargo terminals at Chennai and Kolkata Airports are transacting business from 10 AM to 10 PM.

15. What is the procedure to carry out cargo services related transactions electronically with AAI?
Any exporter/importer/Customs House Agents/Airlines etc. who wish to transact electronically with AAI, would be mandatory required to get register with AAI at www.airports- Registration is mandatory for Message Exchange activities also.
Registration Process:
User has to fill up the physical registration form along with relevant documents and submit to Airports Authority of India (AAI). AAI would ascertain the correctness of the details submitted. Users are requested to fill valid E-Mail address and Phone Number(s) in Registration form to enable AAI to perform further communications regarding User ID and Password allocation. Users are requested to immediately change the password(s) assigned by AAI.
Non Registered Users are not restricted from functionalities pertaining to Consignment Status, Charges Calculation Estimate Sheet and Cargo Procedures. Same features are available for registered users. In addition, Registered Users enjoy the privilege of accessing functionalities related to Printing of Charge related Documents, Payment transactions and Pre- Deposit account related statements.

16. What kinds of trainings are imparted by AAI?
National Institute of Aviation Management and Research, also known by its acronym as NIAMAR, established in the year 1986, is a premier training institute in the field of Aviation Management. It imparts training in all disciplines of airport management i.e. airport operations, airport engineering construction, maintenance and project management, airport finance, human resource management, airport commercial and Land Management, Aviation law, cargo management.

17. What kinds of facilities are usually available to handle special cargo at Air Cargo Complex?
AAI has created infrastructure / facilities viz. State of the art Centre for Perishable Cargo, Live Animal Shed, Strong Room, Hazardous Cargo shed, Wire mesh for vulnerable cargo, etc. to take care of special cargo.

18. What is the methodology to ascertain volumetric weight of a cargo package?
Refers to the low-density cargo for which the transportation charges are based on cubic dimensions of the shipment rather than upon actual gross weight. The Cubic volume of a consignment is established by applying the greatest length, the greatest width and the greatest height of the consignment or its packages. In such cases the charges are established on the basis that each 6,000 cubic centimeter/366 cubic inches equal one kilogram.
19.What is the grievance redressal system of AAI for its clients in the Cargo Deptt?
The Help Desk at the Cargo Complex has been introduced by AAI to facilitate users of cargo terminal in resolving their day to day problems / complaints / grievances expeditiously at the airports. The grievances can be addressed in writing to the In-charge at Air Cargo Complex(s) or Airport Director for prompt action and appropriate reply by AAI therein.

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