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1. What is the function of Engineering Directorate in AAI?

The Engineering Directorate is responsible for construction and maintenance of 87 Civil Airports and 28 Civil Enclaves in the country. The functions of Engg Directorate are:

  1. Main task of Engineering Directorate is to plan design and implement development works with the sole purpose of providing maximum passenger comfort and conveniences. Engineering Wing has been successful in implementing airport projects of big magnitude which include construction of new airport capable of handling jet/wide bodied aircraft. Engineering also maintains airport facilities at all airport.
  2. Design and execution of airfield pavement i.e Runways. Aprons, Taxi track shoulders etc. Complying with international Civil Aviation organization requirements.
  3. Contract management, Project Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring.
  4. Maintenance of Operational Runways, apron and Taxi-track.
  5. Designing of various airports services.
  6. Maintenance and upkeep of Passengers Terminal, Car-parking and associated road network within AAI?s land.
  7. Plan, provide, operate and maintain E&M services at Airport such as Aero-bridges, Escalators, Elevators, Baggage Conveyors, Air conditioning systems etc.
  8. Plan, provide, operate and maintain aeronautical ground lighting sysem including Apron Flood Lighting system.
  9. Creating Power Supply infrastructure to feed all Airport installation including Communication & Navigational Aids.
  10. Plan, Provide Operate and maintain Solar Power Obstruction Lighting System.

2. What is the process in AAI for awarding of work?

Generally works are awarded after call of open competitive tenders through press advertisement of tender notice in leading news papers as well as by uploading the same in AAI website. The address of AAI website is or

3. Whether AAI enlists the contractors?

No, AAI does not have system for enlisting the contractors. The applicants, who are satisfying the qualifying requirements of AAI's Notice Inviting Tender (NIT), can quote or apply for a particular work.

4. What is the procedure in AAI for call of tenders?

Tender notice is issued in leading news papers and same is also published in AAI's website. [Open tender for a particular work through wide publicity in leading news papers. Details of these NIT are also available in AAI website].

5. How to search AAI tender on AAI website?

The path for search of tender on AAI website is under
Login to the following website: or - tender search.

6. Can I get tender information through e-mail?

No, AAI does not have such mechanism to provide tender information through e-mail. You can see the tender information in AAI website only.

7. Whether AAI is following e-tendering process?

Yes, in selective cases AAI is following e-tendering. However, in near future e-tendering process shall be implemented for all tenders.

8. Where is the Corporate Headquarter of AAI?

It is located in New Delhi and following is the complete address:-
Airports Authority of India,
Corporate Headquarter,
Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan,
Safdarjung Airport,
New Delhi - 110003
Phone: 011 24632950.

9. Which are the Directorates involving in procurement of various items/ Services in AAI?

Directorate of Engineering:- Elevators, Escalators, Baggage Handling System, PBB, Ground Lighting System, Substation Equipment, DG Sets, Fire fighting & Detection System, PA System, HVAC System, Internal & External lighting System, Signage and Civil construction material etc.
Directorate of CNS (Planning):-Navigational Aids and associated infrastructure.
Directorate of Operation:- Bird control/commercial activities, MESS (Mechanized Environment Support Services).
Directorate of Equipment:- Equipment such as fire tenders, Runway sweeper, Trolleys, furniture for terminal building.

10.What is the structure of Engineering Directorate?

Engineering Directorate is headed by 3(three) Executive Directors(Engg) who report to Member(Planning). Brief division of works of Executive Directors (Engg) is as under:

11. Where are the regional headquarters?

Northern Region
Eastern Region
North East Region

Regional Executive Director
Airports Authority of India,
Operational Offices Complex Rangpuri,
IGI Airport -110 037
Tel: (O) : 25652343/ 25654212, (fax): 25656451
E-mail :

Regional Executive Director
Airports Authority of India,
NSCBI Airport -700 052
Tel: (O) : 033 2511 9616 / 033 2511 9944, Fax: 033 2511 8873
E-mail :

Regional Executive Director (NER)
Airports Authority of India, LGB International Airport
Guwahati - 781 015
Telephone : 0361-2840223 (O), Fax : 0361-2840042
E-mail :

Western Region:
Southern Region:

Regional Executive Director (WR)
Porta Cabins, New Airport Colony,
Opposite Hanuman Road,
Vile Parle East
Contact nos. Tel. no. 022-28300606, Fax no. 022-28300606

Regional Executive Director (SR)
Airports Authority of India
ATS Complex, 
Chennai Airport 
Chennai- 600 027 
Phone: 91-44-22561234; 91-44-22561515 Extn 4300
Fax: 91-44-22561010 


12. Who is Head of Engineering Directorate at RHQ?

General Manager (Engg) is the head of Engineering at RHQ.

13.What is the division of works between CHQ and RHQ in respect of Engineering Directorate?

CHQ handles the schemes costing Rs, 5.0 Crores and above and RHQ handle the schemes costing less than Rs, 5.0 Crores.

14. What are the eligibility criteria for participating in AAI's tenders?

Generally qualifying requirements of contractor /firms for participating in AAI?s tenders other than specialized works are as under :-

    1. Should be registered in appropriate class of CPWD/MES/P&T/Sate PWD/PSU's/Railways or Specialized agencies in the similar nature of work and having Permanent Account Number (PAN)
    2. Should have satisfactorily completed (Phase/Part completion of the scope of work in a contract shall not be considered) at least three works, each of 40% of estimated cost put up to tender or two works each of 50% of estimated cost put up to tender or one work of 80% of estimated cost put up to tender of similar nature of work. (Nature of similar job shall be defined as per work requirement) during the last seven years ending last day of the month previous.
    3. Client certificate for experience should show the nature of work done, the value of work done , date of start, date of completion as per agreement, actual date of completion and satisfactory completion of work. Firms showing work experience certificate from Non Government / Non PSU organizations should submit copies of 'Tax Deduction at Source certificate' in support of their claim for having experience of stipulated value of works.
    4. Should have annualized average financial turnover of 30% of estimated cost put up to tender during the last three years ending 31st March, of previous financial year. As a proof, copy of abridged Balance Sheet along with Profit & loss account of the firm should be submitted along with the application.

15. How does AAI implement Quality Assurance Measures in works?

AAI has Project Monitoring & Quality Assurance (PMQA) Cell that ensure the quality of works. Projects are also selected for inspection by Chief Technical Examiner Organization under central vigilance commission. CTE type inspections are also carried out by vigilance directorate of AAI in house.

16. What is GRIHA?

GRIHA is Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment for construction of Green Buildings. This is initiative of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE).

17. Whether AAI is implementing Green Rating for Integrating Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) in works?

Yes, AAI has recently started to implement the GRIHA in new up-coming projects.

18. What is Integrity Pact Program?

In order to make its business mechanism more transparent and to ensure the strict adherence of transparency objectives Authority is implementing the Integrity Pact Program in cooperation with Transparency International India (hereinafter referred as TII), an India chapter of a renowned International Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Transparency International headquartered in Berlin (Germany), which has developed Integrity Pact that ensures that all activities and transactions between a company or government department and their suppliers are handled in a fair, transparent and corruption free manner, as a part of this initiative Authority in consultation with External Independent Monitor (EIM), implement the Integrity Pact Program.

19. Whether AAI is implementing Integrity Pact?

Yes, AAI is implementing Integrity Pact w.e.f 01.04.2008 for the works costing more than Rs. 25.0 Crore.

20. How External Independent Monitors are appointed?

Chairman, Airports Authority of India (AAI) is the authority to appoint External Independent Monitor(s) to oversee effective implementation of Integrity Pact. For this purpose, a panel of Monitors is constituted by the Authority in concurrence with Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC). The Monitors will have status / similar to those of Board Members of AAI.


Last updated on : 16th March 2011