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Community Development Closely Integrated With Business Goals

Better Facility for Local Fish Market Near Trivandrum Airport, Kerala

The open fish market at Perunelli Junction at Trivandrum Airport functions on scattered and unorganized manner and the solid waste of fishes is also disposed off at open disposal places, which is not only unhygienic and environmentally unfriendly but also causes birds menaces in the vicinity if the airport and is creates potential threat for bird hit in the aircraft operation.

AAI undertook construction of roofing, compound wall and toilet facility of the market. The project has not only benefited reducing the threat for bird hit for aircrafts but also has benefited over 100 vegetable and fish vendors- to operate their business in a better working conditions- drinking water & toilet facility, waste management facility and biogas plat to produce electricity for fan and lights. Provision of electrical connection through bio gas has increased their market timing, which has a positive impact on their livelihood. A total of Rs. 48.50 Lakhs was spent for the project.