Airports Authority of India

Mission :  ''To achieve highest standards of safety and quality in air traffic services and airport management by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for total customer satisfaction, contributing to economic growth and prosperity of the nation.''                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Vision :  ''To be a world-class organization providing leadership in air traffic services and airport management & making India a major hub in Asia Pacific region by 2016''.

With the Vision of "to be a world-class organization providing leadership in air traffic services and airport management and making a major hub in Asia Pacific Region by 2016"- the Airport Authority of India (AAI) is committed towards to our customers of course, but also to the communities and environment in which we operate. The Corporate Social Responsibility CSR) Policy of the Airports Authority of India (AAI) is aligned with its overall commitment to maintaining the highest standards of business performance.

Our inspiration and approach for CSR has been- to bring empowerment opportunities for the underprivileged communities near our airports in order to create an environment of inclusive growth. Moreover, AAI acknowledges that there are or can be expected and unintended outcomes and impact of its core business which is to build and operationalise airports. Therefore, is dedicated to the wellbeing of the local communities who reside within the immediate vicinity of the airport.

Driven by the principle of inclusive growth and sustainable development, the CSR efforts of AAI were initially implemented through our partner organisation Kalaynmayee- AAI’s Women Welfare Association. In May 2011, the AAI board came up with a comprehensive CSR policy encompassing its vision, objective, strategies and scope of CSR work. The AAI CSR policy is dovetailed with the DPE guideline on CSR, which came into existence in April 2010.

The CSR activities of AAI has focused on identifying projects in response to felt needs of communities in diverse areas including integrated community development, health, sanitation & access to safe drinking water, improving access to education, skills training, and environment. The efforts of AAI have not only benefited a considerable population who lives within the neighbourhood of airports, but also have been recognized and honoured by the prestigious GREENTECH csr award 2011 in Gold category, for the Pakyong health centre project and the ‘Golden Peacock Eco-Innovation Award’ for the year 2012 for the handcrafted recycled paper and paper products which is produced in the Paper Recycling Unit of AAI.

The programme focus of the AAI’s CSR work includes, but is not limited to: Environment conservation, Integrated community development that fill the gaps in the statutory resettlement and rehabilitation programmes of the government and ensure that the quality of lives of communities are positively impacted at airport sites, improving access to formal and informal education and vocational training that contribute towards sustained income generation and self sufficiency, better quality of health care facilities with special focus on women and girls, Disaster Management including preparedness, and sports promotion.

The Airports Authority of India has made important strides in CSR in till now, with increased employee awareness and valuable progress in all priority areas of our CSR approach. We will continue to build on our CSR strategy and practical experiences, putting it at the core of our business activities. Our future plan is to expand our progress based strategy, considering geographic coverage, meeting local challenges of communities and to complements efforts of Government in order to achieve national development goals. We have undertaken major projects for 2012-13 for improving health care facility for maternal and child health in, vocational skills development, enhancing access and quality of education, and undertaking needs based community development programmes near our airports across the country.

Finally, “CSR is not only our responsibility; it is a life time opportunity for AAI employees- spread across India, to contribute in improving lives of as many as people and our environment around us”. The field of CSR is still evolving. But we have made a good beginning in our CSR journey in balancing company mandates with local imperatives. However, there is still a long way to go in addressing the needs and concerns of a large number of underprivileged sections of our society.