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National Birds Control Committee (NBCC) Documents


  1. Letter on bird survey and National Bird Control Committee by E.D ATM DT.28-08-09.
  1. Extract from the minutes of 132nd board meeting held on 10-08-09.
  1. DARA / ATM  Circulars – on Airport Environment Management
  1. DGCA Letter dated 03.11.2009 to State Govt secretaries + Experts List
  1. Rule 90 of Aircraft Act 1937.
  1. Rule 91 of Aircraft ACT 1937
  1. NBCC-Minutes of 1st meeting (Pdf).
  1. NBCC-Minutes of 2nd  meeting (Pdf)
  1. NBCC-Minutes of 2nd  meeting (word document)
  1. DGCA letter on bird survey dt.20-07-09.

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