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  BOBASIO/2 Report 2012
- The Second ATS Coordination Meeting of Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean Region (BOBASIO/2), Chennai, India, 11-13 April 2012.
WP/1 Provisional Agenda
WP/2 Outcome of BOBASIO/1
WP/3 Terms of Reference of the meeting
WP/4 IATA viewpoint on Seamless ATM in BOBASIO Region-IATA
WP/5 Controller's viewpoint on Seamless ATM-IFATCA
WP/6 APSAPG/1 outcome on seamless ATM-India
WP/7 Seamless ATM between Mumbai & Seychelles FIR-Seychelles
DP/1  Post implementation analysis of 50 NM RHS-India
WP/8 Role of BOBASMA in airspace analysis for implementation of 50 NM RHS-India
WP/9 BOBCAT Operations in India post RVSM Afghanistan & RHS-India
WP/10 ATM contingency plan of India and its linkage with adjacent FIRs-India
WP/11 India's preparedness for New ICAO FPL 2012-India
WP/12 Preparedness towards implementation of ADS-B and outcome of SEA/BOB ADS-B WG/7 ADS-B data sharing India
WP/13 Expansion of GAGAN in BOBASIO Region-India
WP/14 BOBCAT Operations Post-RVSM Afghanistan and RHS

Follow-Up Items from the First India-Myanmar-Thailand ATM Coordination Meeting (IMT-ATM/CM/1)

IP/1 Implementation of AMHS and AIDC in India
IP/2 Upper airspace harmonization in Chennai and India
IP/3 SBAS Services and Performance -India
IP/4 Indian environmental initiative in Arabian Sea & Indian Ocean- INSPIRE India

ADS-B Implementation in Maldives


Bangkok-Singapore Whole-Flight CDM Initiative

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