Airports Authority of India
e-Taps helpdesk contact number is temporarily changed to 011-24642950 extn. 3512 . -- Mission  :   ''To achieve highest standards of safety and quality in air traffic services and airport management by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for total customer satisfaction, contributing to economic growth and prosperity of the nation.''                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Vision :  ''To be a world-class organization providing leadership in air traffic services and airport management & making India a major hub in Asia Pacific region by 2016''.



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AAI Article published in Infrastructure Today  Magazine, November 2016 Infrastructure Today November 2016
AAI Article published in Whishpers in the Corridors Magazine, November 2016 Whishpers in the Corridors November 2016
AAI Article published in Kadamabni Magazine, November 2016 Kadamabni Magazine November 2016
Newsletter of NSCBI Airport, Kolkata Newsletter October 2016
5 AAI coverage published in the News Eye Magazine News Eye Magazine October 2016
AAI coverage published in the Exotica Magazine Exotica Magazine October 2016
7 AAI coverage published in the Kaleidoscope Magazine Kaleidoscope Magazine September 2016
AAI coverage published in the News Eye Magazine News Eye Magazine September 2016
AAI coverage published in Hindustan Times Hindustan Times September 2016
AAI coverage published in the Exotica Magazine Exotica Magazine September 2016
AAI coverage published in Whispers in the Corridor Whispers in the Corridor May 2016
AAI coverage published in Exotica Magazine Exotica July 2016
AAI coverage published in Gyan Urja Magazine Gyan Urja July 2016
AAI coverage published in Kadambani Magazine Kadambani Magazine July 2016
A Green Building Initiative of AAI Down to Earth --
AAI coverage published in Down to Earth Down to Earth June 2016
AAI coverage published in Governance Now Governance Now June 2016
LGBI Airport all set to expand 5 times by 2019 Eclectic Northeast June 2016

AAI Celebrates 21st Anniversary

Exotica April 2016
Developing a learning organisation Mint April 2016
Coverage of AAI published in News Eye Magazine Dec-15 News Eye December15
Media coverage published in News Eye Magazine News Eye January 2016
AAI coverage published in Rishika Magazine Rishika December15
AAI coverage published in Cargo Connect Cargo Connect December15
AAI coverage published in Life Style. Life Style December15
AAI coverage published in India Empire. India Empire December15
Media coverage on AAI published in Awaaz India Awaaz India December15
Terminal Building at Tirupati Airport unveiled Today's Traveller December15
AAI coverage published in Chess India Magazine Sept. 2015 Chess India September 2015
AAI coverage published in Today's Traveller  Magazine Nov. 2015 Today's Traveller November 2015
AAI coverage published in Kadambini Magazine,  Nov. 2015 Kadambini November 2015
AAI coverage published in UTS' Voice, Oct. 16-31, 2015 UTS' Voice October 2015

Q&A with RK Srivastava Chairman AAI

Lifestyle Living November 2015

AAI Paragliding World Cup 2015

Lifestyle Living October 2015

5th ATS coordination meeting

Lifestyle Living September 2015
36 Media coverage on  AAI appeared in UTS Voice UTS Voice October 2015
37 Media coverage on  AAI appeared in Bharat Headlines Bharat Headlines October 2015
38 Media coverage on AAI in Mustaqbil Magazine Mustaqbil October 2015
39 Asian Age - Coverage Update: AAI Paragliding World Cup Asian Age October 2015
40 Pioneer - Coverage Update: AAI Paragliding World Cup Pioneer October 2015
41 India Incredible - Coverage Update : AAI Paragliding World Cup India Incredible October 2015
42 AAI boosts Connectivity Cargo & Logistics March 2015
43 The Game Changer Lifestyle Living Feb-2015

AAI leaps ahead in air cargo

ACAAI  News Apr-Jun 2015 

'Sky is the Limit' - Air Cargo Development by AAI

Cargo Connect May 2015
46 Article on AAI published in News Eye Magazine April-2015 News Eye April 2015 --
 47 Article on AAI website published in News Eye Magazine Jan-2015 News Eye January 2015
48 Article published in Mustaqbil January 2015 issue on AAI Mustaqbil January 2015
49 Policy sans Power SPS Aviation December 2014
50 AAI coverage published in News Eye Magazine Dec. 2014 News Eye  December 2014
51 AAI coverage published in Life style Magazine December 2014 Lifestyle Living December 2014
52 Lifestyle Living (Oct)- Various Articles on AAI Lifestyle Living October, 2014
53 Lifestyle Living (Sep) - Various Articles on AAI Lifestyle Living September 2014
54 AAI Advt, Article and Record Book Cover Archi Design July-Aug 2014
55 News Eye coverage on AAI - Various Articles News Eye September 2014

The Maiden Workshop on Unsterilised Approaches

News Eye August 2014
57 AAI: The Great Connector Lifestyle Living August 2014
58 HR Polices & Procedure Manual and HR Strategic Plan News Eye July 2014
59 AAI Takes Wing Lifestyle Living June 2014

KASHMIR: Paradise on Earth

Today's Traveller May 2014
61 Kaleidoscope coverage on AAI - Various Articles Kaleidoscope May 2014
62 News Eye coverage on AAI - Various Articles News Eye May 2014
63 COMMUNICATION : The Vital Connect Lifestyle Living May 2014
64 AAI Ad - 125 Desinations to Fly with AAI -- --

News Eye's Various Articles on AAI

News Eye April 2014
66 High-flying Aviation Show at Hyderabad Lifestyle Living April 2014
67 Shutterbug moments Lifestyle Living February 2014
68 Mates and Moments Policy Proposal For India February 2014
69 'Mates Moments' unveiled by Novel and Ashok Lavasa Travel Trade Journal February 2014
70 AAI Paper Recycling Unit Policy Proposal For India January 2014
71 AAI - A Brief on HRM of Airport Authority of India Kaleidoscope January 2014
72 AAI pays dividend yet again -- --
73 My kind of airports.... -- --
74 AAI's paper recycling unit awarded ISO certification GovernanceNow --
75 News Eye Article News Eye January 2014
76 Inauguration of new school building for Dum Dum Airport High School (Bengali Medium)and Dum Dum Hindi High School - a CSR initiative of AAI Awaaz India June 2013

Uttarakhand : Airports Authority of India to adopt villages

Awaaz India July 2013
78 AAI : Nature's helping hand Lifestyle Living December 2013
79 Developing sustainable strategies Infrastructure Today November 2013
80 AAI PROMISES SAFER AND GREENER SKIES Lifestyle Living November 2013
81 Air Traffic Control Nandan September 2013

Leadership development and corporate governance....

General Knowledge Refresher November 2013
83 Developing sustainable strategies Enterprise-PSEs October 2013
84 AAI gears up for brighter future Cargo Connect November 2013
85 AAI AD OCT Issue -- --
86 System Upgrade Air Traffic Technology International 2014
87 News Eye, October-2013 Issue for AAI News Eye October 2013
88 AAI Chairman awarded for Excellence in Development of Airport Infrastructure in India Ace September2013
89 The face of 21st century of India News Eye September2013
90 Glory in Singapore Iindia Empire September 2013
91 AAI gets Asia's Best CSR Pratice Award-2013 in a glittering ceremony at Singapore Junior Science Refresher October 2013
92 Airport Man: Bringing the world to India's doorstep Airports International July 2013
93 Art and Culture at Indian Airports Competition Refresher September 2013
94 Joint efforts by ISRO, AAI and DGCA to aid in in certification of India's GAGAN programme ACE August 2013
95 The Coveted High-Flyer.... Lifestyle August 2013
96 Aakash se dharti tak India Empire July 2013
97 AAI pioneers cargo-friendly airports Cargo Connect July 2013
98 Sky is not the limit Free Press Journal 10-07-2013

Airports Authority of India helps flood-ravaged Uttrakhand

Lifestyle Living

100 Indian Air Navigation Services Initiatives Lifestyle 01-07-2013
101 Airports Authority of India extends round-the-clock services for seamless operations at Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun ACE 01-07-2013
102 News Eye-July-2013 Issue News Eye 01-07-2013
103 AAI enters growth lane -- --
104 Junior Science Refresher Press Release Junior Science Refresher 01-06-2013
105 AAI inaugurates new school building in Kolkata as part of its CSR initiative Aviation Cargo Express 01-06-2013
106 Articles published in NEWS EYE, June, 2013 NEWS EYE 01-06-2013
107 AAI-The Crucial Connect LifeStyle Magazine 01-05-2013
108 A testimony of excellence Infrastructure Today 01-05-2013

Flying Colours of Development

E-Gov 01-05-2013
110 Chautha Sarvajanik Kshetra Divas Samaraho Amar Ujala 30-04-2013
111 Kalyanmayee lives up to its name by spreading welfare for 25 years Mint --
112 AAI : Ready to mark another successful year in airports across India Travel Trade Journal 01-02-2013

RTI - Implementations Scenario

Kaleidoscope 01-02-2013

A roaring fly off

Lifestyle 01-02-2013
115 AAI goes Green Lifestyle Living 01-08-2012

Calicut International Airport, making India proud

Motown India 01-08-2012
117 Contributing towards the Nation's growth Mail Today 23-03-2012
118 No Fullstops for AAI enhancing aviation infrastructure across India Cruising Heights 20-03-2012
119 India takes the lead to train aviation personnel Cruising Heights 20-03-2012
120 AAI's leadership principles are the basis of our business relationships Cruising Heights 20-03-2012
121 Amritsar Airport ushers in CAT-II instrument landing system Cruising Heights 20-03-2012
122 Great Work Ethics India Empire 14-03-2012
123 1st Aviation Security Instructor's Course Takes Off Travel Trade Journal 10-03-2012
124 AAI Leaps ahead in air cargo Cargo Connect 01-02-2012

For sustainable Wushu in India - Catch them young

Resource Digest 01-02-2012
126 AAI Updates Feb-2012 Cruising Heights 01-02-2012
127 The man behind India's world class airport infrastructure Travel Trade Journal 01-02-2012
128 Kolkata will be the gateway to APAC Cruising Heights 01-02-2012
129 AAI Ushers in e-Tendering Airports International 01-01-2012
130 Maharana Pratap Singh Airport-Udaipur : A gem in the lake city of Rajasthan Airports International 01-01-2012
131 AAI Provides Modern Terminal Building India Empire 20-12-2011
132 AAI's Tryst with Aviation Life Style Living 10-12-2011
133 AAI Enhance Prospects of "Distination India" Manifold by Mr. V P Agrawal. Chairman, AAI

Financial Pulse

134 Steel: Paramount Material in Airport Structures

Steel Structures & Metal Buildings

135 AAI Escalates in Planning


136 Amritsar Airport : Golden opportunity, golden destination, AAI's golden move Cargo Connect 03-11-2011
137 AAI leaps ahead in air cargo Cargo Connect 02-11-2011
138 Accountability - Its Relevance Crystal Clear 26-10-2011
139 A man with a Vision on a Mission India Series (Coffee Table Book) 25-10-2011
140 Distinctive Airports Coffee Table Book Today's Traveller 25-10-2011
141 AAI Escalates in Planning New India MX Business Media 25-10-2011
142 AAI Provides Modern Terminal Building Airports International 01-09-2011
143 AAI-Fire Training Establishments Airports International 01-09-2011
144 Face of Indian Civil Aviation -- --
145 GAGAN ushers flying leap for aviation Cruising Heights 01-10-2011
146 AAI in fast forward mode Cruising Heights 01-10-2011
147 Air cargo is top priority now Cruising Heights 01-10-2011
148 AAI's intention is to create user-friendly airports Cruising Heights 01-10-2011
149 A century old - but flying strong ! Cruising Heights 01-10-2011
148 Airports Authority of India -A Run(a)way Success Story Mansoon 2011
149 Upper Airspace harmonization India Empire 14-10-2011
150 GAGAN ushers flying leap for aviation Financial Pluse 14-10-2011
151 Helping hands Lifestyleliving 01-10-2011
152 AAI updates Cruising Heights 01-10-2011
153 Chennai readies for a date in 2012 Cruising Heights 01-10-2011
154 AAI enhances prospects of Destination India, manifold Digest 01-09-2011
154 AAI Enhances international business prospects in India manifold Pata Compass 01-08-2011
155 AAI develops Air Cargo Complex at Amritsar Airport Cargo Talk 01-08-2011
156 Airports Authority of India (AAI) Enhances International Business Prospects in India Manifold Destination Worldwide 01-08-2011
157 Runway Success Life Style 01-08-2011
158 CATC- A Unique Alma Mater India Empire 01-08-2011
159 AAI Update Cruising Heights 01-08-2011
160 The Visionary on a Mission Purple Beret 01-08-2011
161 Achievements of the Cargo Department Airports International 01-11-2010
162 A heavenly adobe airport Airports International 01-03-2010
163 AAI enhances safety of Aircraft Surface Movement by inducting A-SMGCS Airports International 01-02-2010

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