Airports Authority of India

RCDU (Radio Construction and Development Unit)
Head of the Department
NameMr. Ravi Prakash
DesignationExecutive Director


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Functions of the Radio Construction and Development Units

  1. Site Selection
  2. Planning
  3. Installation
  4. Testing and Alignment
  5. Calibration
  6. Others

Site Selection

Site selection for installation of new navigational equipment, VOR, DME, NDB & ILS.


Planning is carried out after finalizing the site. The list of works (LOW) related to civil and electrical works for execution by station in order to construct the building and provision of electricity to install these navigational equipments.


Executes the physical installation of equipments. A team from RCDU is deputed to house the equipments in the building and antennas. It also includes erection/dismantling of masts, hoisting antennas with a good safety records.


Testing and Alignment

The equipments are tested at site for its proper functioning. Any alignment, if required is carried out to keep the parameters within the prescribed limits as per ICAO standards.


During the air check / calibration of the facility, all the necessary adjustments are carried out as per the requirement of flight inspection aircraft to meet the ICAO standards.


RC & DU has expertise in installation of masts / Radar scanners etc. Such activities are also made use by other organizations viz, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy for installation of their Radars, Voice Communication Control System (VCCS) and status indicators. They are designed and installed on demand from various airports.


Last updated on: 09th December 2015