Airports Authority of India

Mission :  ''To achieve highest standards of safety and quality in air traffic services and airport management by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for total customer satisfaction, contributing to economic growth and prosperity of the nation.''                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Vision :  ''To be a world-class organization providing leadership in air traffic services and airport management & making India a major hub in Asia Pacific region by 2016''.
Head of the Department
NameMr. C R Sudhir
DesignationExecutive Director (CNS-OM)


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Other Senior Executive(s)
NameMr. Y K Bhagat
DesignationOfficiating GM(CNS), CRSD


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NameMr. N.R.Das
DesignationGeneral Manager (Com)

9650311488 (M)

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NameMr. A.K. Banerjee
DesignationGeneral Manager (CNS) , Automation & Surveillance

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NameMr. Pan Singh
DesignationGeneral Manager (CNS), Navigation & CMC

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NameMr. P.K.Srivastava
DesignationGeneral Manager (CNS), FTI Project

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Fax91-11- 24621454
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Work allocation in CNS-OM Department:
Broad Functional Area GM(CNS) Jt.GM/DGM(CNS)
1. Central Radio Stores Depot Mr.  Y.K. Bhagat
Officiating GM(CNS-CRSD)
1. Mr. Y.K. Bhagat, Joint GM (CNS)
2. Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Joint GM (CNS)
3. Mr. B.R. Verma, DGM (MM)
2. Communication Systems, WPC, Frequency Spectrum Management, COSAH and Ops control room, AIS/AIM, HFRT Operation, Communication Links, Official Language and other related matters Mr. N.R.Das,
GM (CNS-Com)
1. Mr. Ajay Kapoor,Jt. GM (CNS)
2. Mr. Shiv Lal,DGM(CNS)
3. Mr. A.K.Basra,DGM(CNS)
3. Automation Systems, Surveillance Systems, HR, Training and Proficiency, Budget, RTI, MIS, General Administration, Parliament and other related Matters Mr. A.K. Banerjee,
GM (CNS- Auto &Surv)
1. Mr. Ravi Kant, Jt.GM (CNS)
2. Mr. Anurag Sharma, Jt.GM(CNS)
4. Navigation Systems, CNS Standardization, Performance Monitoring, CMC, NOC, Test Equipt, Cal Lab Project, DGCA Matters, ICAO Matters, Aviation Safety, MOU and other related Matters Mr. Pan Singh,
GM (CNS- Nav& CMC)
1. Mr. J.B. Singh,Jt.GM(CNS)
5. FTI Project Mr. P.K.Srivastava
Mr. A.K.Srivastava, Jt.GM (CNS)
Broad Functions/Job Profile of CNS-OM Directorate at CHQ:

Directorate of CNS-Operation & Maintenance [CNS-OM] at CHQ is headed by Executive Director [CNS-OM]. ED [CNS-OM] reports to Member [ANS]. Broad functions/job profile of CNS-OM Department is as given below:

1. The Communication, Navigation, Surveillance and ATM Data Processing facilities are the backbone for provision of Air Navigation Services for safe and smooth operation of Aircraft at Airports and for both Continental and Oceanic Indian airspace. Indian airspace. CNS-OM Directorate ensures that provision of these facilities for their Serviceability, Availability, Reliability and Integrity is as per Standard and Recommended practices of ICAO and Civil Aviation Requirements (CARs) promulgated by DGCA.

2. CNS-OM Dept by framing maintenance policies and supervision systems delivers system management, maintenance standards/instructions and maintenance services to assure and ensure that Serviceability, Availability, Reliability and Integrity of CNS/ATM systems as mentioned above.

3.Provision of Aeronautical Mobile Services, Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network, VOLMET, Pre Flight Com Briefing and International Notam Offices.

4. Provision of Telecom infrastructure (Datacom, Telephones, Fax & Mobile etc.) for provision Air Navigation Services and to other AAI Departments/Units for operational and administrative requirements.

5. Other main functions of CNS-OM Dept are:-

5.1 Human Resource Management of CNS Manpower including:-

  1. Initial Induction of CNS Personnel at various levels;
  2. Basic Training to CNS personnel being inducted at various levels as per ICAO guidelines;
  3. Initial Deployment after Basic Training;
  4. Conceptual, Developmental and Refresher Training on Operational CNS/ATM systems as per ICAO /DGCA Guidelines;
  5. Factory Training on the CNS/ATM systems being inducted for operational use;
  6. Annual placement of CNS personnel as per operational requirements and
  7. Administering of the CNS Proficiency.

5.2 Coordination with DGCA/ICAO for issue related to CNS and amendment to ICAO Annex/documents related to CNS.

5.3 Coordination with National Regulator, WPC and ICAO for Civil Aviation Frequency requirements/Protection.

5.4 CNS Standardization & Procedures.

5.5 Internal Performance Metric Monitoring of CNS/ATM systems.

5.6 Preparing and implementation of replacement and up gradation proposal of CNS/ATM Data processing system.

5.7 Implementation of Safety Management System (SMS) related to CNS and Automation facilities.

5.8 Disposal of obsolete CNS facilities proposal received at CHQ from filed stations.

6.For smooth functioning, CNS-OM Dept is divided into following five sections. Each section is headed by GM (CNS) who reports to ED (CNS-OM).

7. Brief details of functions/tasks performed by sections are as given below:-

7.1) GM CRSD (Central Radio Stores Depot)
The Central Radio Stores Depot procures and stocks Spares / PCBs/ Modules/ Discreet Components of CNS equipment and provides them to the stations to ensure the availability of CNS facilities. CRSD also arranges custom clearance, Overseas & In-Land insurance and Re-Export of faulty systems during their warranty/Guaranty period.

7.2) GM Communication (Com)
Regular Monitoring of Availability & Serviceability of Communication systems at all airports/ACS. Provision of Aeronautical Mobile Services, Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network, VOLMET, Pre Flight Com Briefing and International Notam Offices. Provision of Telephones, Fax & Mobile to various AAI Units for operational and administrative requirements.

7.3) GM Automation and Surveillance (A & S)
Regular Monitoring of Availability & Serviceability of ATM Automation and Surveillance systems. Human resource Management, Training and proficiency of CNS Personnel.

7.4) GM Navigation and CMC (Nav& CMC)
Regular Monitoring of Availability & Serviceability of ATM Navigation facilities at all airports and ACS. Review of NOC cases from CNS point of view received in CNS-OM Dept. CMC manages SMUs (Special Maintenance Unit) which are established for different CNS equipment for complex component level repairs of faulty modules received from different stations. At present SMUs are available at Delhi IGIA and Safdarjung Airport, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai airports for different CNS/ATM facilities.

7.5) GM (FTI)
Project Manager for proposed Future Telecommunication Infrastructure (FTI) project. FTI project envisages meeting varying needs of future telecommunicating requirements of the CNS/ATM and other associated systems.

Last updated on : 24th November 2014