Airports Authority of India
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Internal Audit
Head of the Department
NameMr. L.L. Krishnan
DesignationExecutive Director


E-Mail ID

NameMr. R.R. Krishnamoorthy
DesignationGeneral Manager


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Functions of the Department of Internal Audit
  1. Examination of the system of internal checks and controls.
  2. Examination and scrutiny of vouchers/authorization.
  3. Verification of assets and liabilities and examination of all income and expenditure to ensure correct classification.
  4. Detection and prevention of errors and frauds.
  5. General examination of the trial balances, financial statements and other reports.
  6. Coordination with Govt. Audit on observations.
  7. Ensure adherence to Rules & Regulations as per laid down guidelines/Manuals/Instructions.
  8. Compliance of statutory requirements of various appraising agencies like CVC, CTE, CBI, Internal Vigilance etc.

Last updated on: 18th June 2013