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Head of the Department
NameMr. P.N.S. Kushwaha
DesignationExecutive Director

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Other Senior Executive(s)
NameMr. M. L. Chakraborty
DesignationGeneral Manager


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NameMr. Rajan George
DesignationGeneral Manager


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NameMr. Mansoor Ahmed
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NameMr. K.C. Patro
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NameMr. K. Vijaykumar
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Functions of CNS-Planning Directorate
  1. CNS-Planning directorate has the responsibility of creating and modernizing Air Navigation Services infrastructure to support safe Air Navigation in Indian Airspace.
  2. The department is also involved in planning, procurement and implementation of various elements of the satellite based CNS/ATM systems.
  3. This directorate is responsible for introduction of new systems and equipments in the field of CNS, ATC Automation, Training Simulators, Test Equipments and security equipments.
  4. Installation, testing of above mentioned equipments and handing over of these equipments for commissioning after flight calibration wherever required.
  5. Co ordinate with DGCA for obtaining concurrence for commissioning of various CNS facilities and implement CAR prescribed by DGCA.
  6. Implement safety standards and procedures as prescribed by Aviation Safety directorate.
  7. The department has a dedicated team of officers who are constantly probing into the new areas of development in the field of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance,  new standards being laid down by the ICAO for implementation and new systems introduced in other countries to make Air Navigation Services safer and more efficient.
Activities undertaken by Directorate of CNS-Planning

Following activities have been undertaken by CNS-P Directorate for modernization of facilities/equipments at various airports.

  1. RCAG’s have been provided at various airports for covering the existing Indian airspace over 20,000 ft. by VHF line of sight communication.
  2. 115 nos. of VHF Tx/Rx with antenna and accessories have been procured and supply has been received.
  3. VCCS (wherein integrated operator panel for DSC/HOTLINE/RADIO/PSTN/EPBAX etc.  has been provided) has  been  commissioned  at 30 airports in the country.
  4. DATIS has been upgraded at 46 airports to network them on AFTN circuits.
  5. ATS Data Link servers are being procured for provisioning of Data link  for clearance delivery, pre-departure clearance at 6 airports and d-VOLMET broadcast at Delhi and Mumbai Airports 
  6. AMHS  has been commissioned in the month of  March,2011 at Mumbai Airport
  7. IP  based AMHS is being procured for Delhi, Kolkata & Chennai  Airports.
  8. State-of-the –art HF Rx Subsystem is being provisioned  at 4 Metro Airports .
  9. DSCN has been operationalized at 63 airports.


  1. 13 nos.  of New ILS (Thales make) has been commissioned, 4 are under process of commissioning  and work  is in progress at 4 airports.  ILS (Normarc make) has been commissioned at Kanpur (Chakeri) Airport.
  2. New DVOR (Thales make) has been commissioned at 5 airports under process of commissioning at 3 airports  and work is in progress at 13  airports
  3. 26 nos. LP DME has been commissioned at airports.
  4. New HP DME (Thales make) has been commissioned at 14 airports, under process of commissioning at 4 airports and work is in progress at 8 airports.
  5. GBAS (Ground based Augmentation system) is being implemented at New Delhi and Mumbai Airports.
  6. GAGAN   - (GBAS ADDED GEO AUGMENTED NAVIGATION) is India’s   satellite based  navigation system being indigenously  developed at  a total cost of Rs. 774 crores.  Work on the system has commenced in June, 2009 and is expected to be operationalized by  June, 2013. TDS has already been successfully demonstrated.   Apart from use of GAGAN in the field of aviation, GAGAN will also be useful in providing navigational guidance to ships,  in oceans,  roads, transport, trains , mobile users, rescue operations, flood control,, scientific  research, precision  equipment etc.


  1. In order to provide continuous and seamless radar coverage over Indian Airspace, 9 MSSRs are being installed at Chennai, Bellary, Bhopal, Vizag, Udaipur, Kolkata, Jharsuguda, Porabander and Katihar Airports.
  2. Procurement of 8 ASR/MSSR one each at Chennai, Kolkata, Amrtisar, Cochin  and 2 each at Mumbai and Delhi Airports is under process.
  3. Automotive Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B) has been planned for 14 airports and procurement process has already been initiated.
  4. ASMGCS is being installed at Kolkata, Mumbai & Chennai for enhancing the traffic handling capacity of these airports for ground moving air traffic and vehicles in bad weather condition.


  1. Tower Automation System is being provided at 38 airports for better safety and improving the efficiency.
  2. ATS Automation System has been installed at Chennai Airport for modernization of  surveillance  system.  Radar data received from other radars in the Region  has also been  networked to Chennai Automation System for Seamless display  of  targets on the same Radar Displays for Chennai FIR.

ATC training simulators:

  1. Non-radar procedural ATC training simulators have been procured for CATC, Allahabad and Training Centre at Gondia. Equipments are likely to be received and installed shortly.
  2. Procurement action has been initiated for provisioning of Integrated ATC Training Simulators (IATS) for Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai with centralized access  capability from  CHQ. Remote Station Equipment (RSE) shall be provided at CHQ, which  will have capability of  trained executive personal data management and air space evaluation capability.

Security equipments:

  1. CCTV systems are being installed at 22 airports in India to enhance the security.
  2. CCTV systems at 23 airports are being up-graded to cover all the security zones of Terminal Buildings on 23 airports.
  3. CCTV systems are being installed at 12 airports in India to enhance the security.


Last updated on: 15th February 2017