Airports Authority of India
Mission  :  ''To achieve highest standards of safety and quality in air traffic services and airport management by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for total customer satisfaction, contributing to economic growth and prosperity of the nation.''                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Vision :  ''To be a world-class organization providing leadership in air traffic services and airport management & making India a major hub in Asia Pacific region by 2016''.

Directorate of Technical
Head of the Department
NameSmt. Neera Rawat
DesignationExecutive Director


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Other Senior Executive(s)
NameMr. C.S. Fonia
DesignationGeneral Manager


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NameMr. S. B. Ambekar
DesignationGM (Tech)


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NameMr. D. Paul Manickam
DesignationGeneral Manager (Central Electrical & Mechanical Workshop)


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NameDr. Sunil Garhwal
DesignationJt GM (Tech)


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NameMr. K.R. Dholpuria
DesignationDGM (Tech)


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NameMr. Sudhir Gairola
DesignationAGM (MM)


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Functions of Directorate of Technical

Technical Department has responsibility of providing mechanical and logistical solution for efficient airport operation.  Functions of Technical Deptt. includes

A. Procurement: Induction of various Equipment/Vehicles/ Tools, Plants & Machinery by purchasing/ leasing or hiring, required for the operations and maintenance of Airports, such as:-
  1. FS Equipments: Crash Fire Tenders, Water Tenders, Ambulances, and High Mask Lights and rescue equipment like BA Sets, Power Saw, Hydraulic Metal Cutter and portable GenSets, etc.
  2. Engineering Equipments: RRM, Runway Marking Machines, PEN Testing, Friction Testing
  3. Ground Flight Safety Equipments : Grass cutting machines, earth moving equipments and Bay cleaning, Runway sweeper Machine, etc
B. Provide Materials Management services e.g.
  1. Procurement of uniforms, distribution and maintenance of records
  2. Procurement of fire and rescue tools, accessories like fire proof dungarees, BA Sets, Gumboots and Fire rescue suits.
  3. Monitoring and preparing MIS for stock / Assets.
  4. Physical verification of stock
  5. Issue of MM instructions on policy matters
C. Maintenance Support
  1. Extended maintenance support to regions/ workshops
  2. Budget allocation for various related activities
  3. Progress review etc.
D. Provide vehicles/Ground Safety and Rescue Equipments: To provide, maintain and operate various type of Vehicles/Ground Safety and Rescue Equipments at all airports & CHQ, as are necessary for aircraft operation including allied services as follows:
  1. General Duty Equipments
  2. Operation of Vehicles, Ground & Safety Equipments
  3. Fire & Safety Equipments
  4. Vehicle Transport for Engineering Maintenance
  5. Workshops Equipments
  6. Security Equipment
  7. Vehicles for CISF
  8. Passenger Baggage Trolleys
  9. Passenger Chairs
  10. Cleaning Equipment
  11. Runway Rubber Removal Machines
  12. Runway Surface Friction Testers
  13. Runway Mechanical Sweeper
  14. Runway Marking Machine
  15. Grass Cutting Tractor with Machine and Bird Menace
  16. Airport Rotating Beacon
  17. Ambulances
  18. Ambulift
  19. Surface Transport Vehicles
  20. Furniture & Consumable stores
  21. Survey Reports

Functions of the department of Central Electrical & Mechanical workshop:

To provide maintain and operate various types of vehicles / ground safety and rescue equipment at all the airport, CHQ and vehicles of other ministries, as are necessary for aircraft operational services as follows:

  1. Provision of vehicle to chq through hiring/leasing
  2. Procurement of vehicles
  3. Maintenance of specialized equipment of technical directorate positioned at Delhi (ASFT, Mobile TC tower, Airport rotating Beacon Light, etc.)
  4. Survey report of vehicles
  5. Procurement and supply spares for ACFT, ASFT, ARB’s etc. And airlifting of essential repair parts to airports.
  6. Planning and procurement of spares for major equipment of technical department of foreign and sourcing at Indian market.
  7. Enhance productivity and explore revenue generation of central E&M workshop
  8. Maintenance of all ministries vehicles
  9. Training / trade test conducted to all central government departments and AAI
  10. MT pool/exigency plan on transport
  11. Conduct apprenticeship training as per labor commissioner (Factory Act).
  12. Monitoring and ensuring serviceability and major repair of following operational equipment at various airport through regional / Airport head of technical department
    1. Crash fire tenders
    2. Firefighting tools, safety & rescue tool
    3. Ambulances
    4. Operational vehicles
    5. Airport equipment (Airport surface friction testers, Runway Rubber deposits machine, Ambulift, Airport rotating beacons, Runway marking machine etc.)
    6. General duty of vehicles
    7. Authorized booth for pollutions checking of vehicles.


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