Airports Authority of India

Waiver of Demurrage Charges

The demurrage charges may be waived as per the applicable policy. The application for waiver may be submitted to the General Manager (Cargo) / Dy. General Manager (Cargo), AAI, within "FIFTEEN DAYS" from the date of "Passed out-of-charge" by the Customs quoting the reasons for delayed clearance of consignment along with the following supporting documents (copies):

Air Waybill/House Air Waybill
Delivery Order
Bill of Entry/Baggage Declaration form reflecting customs remarks and stamp and date of "Passed out-of-charge" (both sides). In case of export shipping bill showing "Let Export Order/Customs order by the proper officer".
d )
Documentary proof to substantiate delay in clearance viz. Detention Certificate/Medical Certificate (in original) / Customs Duty Exemption Certificate etc.
e )
AAI Demurrage charges receipt (in case charges have been paid)
f )
AAI Gate Pass (in case delivery has been taken)
g )
Application for waiver of demurrage charges is made by the Importer/Passenger, at their own risk and responsibility. If waiver is not found admissible demurrage charges are leviable for the entire period.
h )
In case the waiver is granted by AAI, the period from the date of submission of waiver application, till the decision is communicated, will be considered as processing period and condoned. If the decision is communicated by post, additional 3 days or days actually taken in post, whichever is less, shall be considered as the processing period
An appeal against the decision on the application for waiver, may be made to the higher authorities - General Manager (Cargo), Executive Director (Cargo), Member (Operations), and Chairman - within a period of 15 days of communication of such decision.The decision of the appellate authority will be final.

Last updated on - 18 June 2010