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Air Cargo Complex,Chennai Airport,Chennai
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  1. The Cargo Terminal at Chennai Airport, was established on 1st February 1978 for processing of import, export, transshipment cargo and unaccompanied luggage.
  2. Spread over an area of 19.5 acres with modern cargo handling equipment like Elevated Transfer Vechile, forklifts, high mast stackers, Power hydraulic pallet trucks etc. are used for handling cargo. The existing covered area of cargo terminal in occupation of AAI is 37,085 sqm.
  3. A state of art Centre for flowers, fruits and vegetables has been commissioned on 23.9.1999.
  4. Three wide-bodied aircrafts can be parked simultaneously in an exclusive Cargo Apron.
  5. Cargo Terminal provides all range of services & facilities, under one roof, at par with any international airport.
  6. AAI & AI are the Custodian appointed by Customs.  The import cargo of all the Airlines is handled by AAI. The export cargo is handled by AAI in respect of airlines handled by AAI and rest of the airlines are handled by AI, the other custodian at Chennai Airport.
  7. The Cargo Terminal has four wings for processing, Export Cargo, Import Cargo and Unaccompanied Baggage (Import) besides Disposal Unit for disposal of unclaimed / uncleared cargo and Transhipment Cargo.
  8. Assistance and additional information required, if any, may be sought from -
    AAI-Duty Manager - Ph: 044-22343645 and
    Customs PRO - Ph : 044-22340246
  9. Cargo can be cleared either by self or by licensed Customs House Clearing Agent.
  10. No demurrage charges are leviable on cargo if cleared within prescribed free period.


Last updated on - 18 June 2010