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Goa, blessed with pristine beaches and dense forests is nestled on the fringe of the Western Ghats and has beckoned visitors since time immemorial. Its spick and span towns & villages habited by a friendly populace have a distinct cuisine with an emphasis on sea food.

Liberated from Portugal in 1961 this 3701 sq Kilometres state still maintains a distinct culture where magnificent temples co-exist peacefully with impressive cathedrals.

Tourism is the main industry involving around 40 % of the population of 1.34 million. Apart from tourism, on which this state economy heavily relies, off the late; the state has witnessed tremendous industrial growth attracting the big names in the Indian industrial scene.

Konkani, Marathi, English& Portuguese are the main spoken languages. The climate is temperate and varies between 33 degree to 16 degrees. Goa gets around 300 cms rain annually between May to August. The near perfect climate from October to February is known as the tourist season. The state beckons around 1.75 million visitors annually.

 Last updated on: 19 th October 2012