Airports Authority of India

  1. C-SMS Manual (Version-3, Issue-2)
  1. CNS Equipments Import Guide
  1. MoCA Guidelines for Slot Allocation
  1. Terminal Management Manual
  1. Directorate of Operations Manual
  1. ANS Procurement Manual
  1. Materials Management Manual
  1. AAI Transfer Policy
  1. Toning up of Administration
  1. Airports Authority of India (General Conditions of Service and Remuneration of Employees) Regulations, 2003
  1. Airports Authority of India Employees (Conduct, Discipline and Appeal) Regulations, 2003
  1. Electrical MaintenanceSchedule
  1. Works Manual Directorate of Engineering
  1. Aerodrome Operations Manual


  1. Department of CNS
  1. Vigilance Course Material
  1. Right to Information Act.


AAI Employees Archive

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